Why you should visit the Alta Valtellina

Among the things to do in Italy, a good idea is to visit the Alta Valtellina. But what are the places that you absolutely must not miss? In this short guide, we will give you five reasons why it is worth taking a trip to Alta Valtellina.

  1. A visit to the small town of Bormio

One of the most distinctive features of the whole Valtellina is the city of Bormio, a very characteristic small urban center. You can visit it all in a couple of days, but if you do not have the time available, you can still discover it by visiting a dedicated museum at the Palazzo de Simoni, located in the square of Kuèrc, in the central Via Roma. Instead, if you are fancying a relaxing destination or are considering the ideal spot for a romantic getaway for two, a day in one of the 3 thermal establishments in Bormio (Bormio Terme, Bagni Nuovi e Bagni Vecchi) would surely be the perfect and most appreciated gift at Valentine’s day, and a pleasant immersion into history and wellbeing.

Alta Valtellina, Veltlin-Tal, Haute Valtellina

  1. The red Bernina train

The Bernina Little Red Train, connecting Tirano in Valtellina and Sankt Moritz in Switzerland, is also a special attraction offered in the area. It is not by chance that the little red train has been nominated part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Bormio is an ideal starting place for long and not-so-long walks (or drive) tp many places of interest, such as the Stelvio Pass, Livigno and Valfurva. Here, all trekking enthusiasts can follow organized trails and itineraries designed for everyone, even for the little ones.

If long walks are not for you, I can assure you that most of the towns of Valtellina are well connected by the Bernina Express, an old fashioned  train that will give you the feeling of traveling back in time.

  1. Modernity and avant-garde in Livigno

Livigno is among the busiest cities of Alta Valtellina. Apart from the breathtaking scenery it offers together with wonderful ski slopes, an additional reason may well be its status of duty-free area, indulging people to take advantage of the convenient prices.

It is located at 1816 meters of altitude and for this reason it is considered one of the highest inhabited centers in all of Europe. Here shops are also open at night, along with numerous restaurants and pubs that offer traditional Valtellina dishes.

In Livigno it will also be possible to rent mountain bikes with which to follow numerous paths, as well as trekking equipment to discover uncontaminated nature.

  1. Il Passo dello Stelvio

The Stelvio Pass is the famous road of the Tour of Italy that crosses precisely the Stelvio. The proximity to the Livrio glaciers allows you to practice skiing even during the summer months. However, if you do not love sports, you can still enjoy the fantastic panorama between mountains and immense meadows where you can admire pastures of cows and goats.

  1. The food of the Alta Valtellina tradition

Another reason why it is absolutely worth visiting Alta Valtellina is to taste some food belonging to the local tradition.

Among dishes you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Alta Valtellina is the salmì di cervo accompanied by polenta taragna. But there are many other typical dishes such as sciatt, bresaola and pizzoccheri.

For those who can’t resist a dessert, the traditional hot apple strudel and the bisciola, rich in dried fruit and fragrance, will be extremely delicious.

Only by satisfying all the senses, from the sight of this wonderful landscape to discovering delicious flavors, it will be possible to say that you have really discovered this magical place.

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