Vetulonia: the lost and found city

This path, although short, allows you to dive into another dimension, to take a leap in time and retrace the history of the territory of the legendary Vetulonia and the Maremma in general. Vetulonia was in fact an important Etruscan city built on the shores of the now disappeared Lake Prile. At the end of the 19th century the physician Isidoro Falchi brought to light the ruins of the important past.

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Vetulonia – Vetluna, the modern Vetulonia, one of the twelve richest and most important Etruscan city-states, stands out on a relief of about 350 meters on the plain of Grosseto, between the coast of Castiglione della Pescaia and the freeway into which the Aurelia was transformed at that point (exit Giuncarico).

Trekking in the Maremma, between nature and Etruscan archaeology.

It is an excursion that leads to the discovery of the Etruscan civilization, under different facets and customs, but also of aspectsnaturalistic. Â Inside the forest you walk through a Roman basolato and you meet ancient hidden tombs.

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Technical description:
The 4 km tour includes a mixed itinerary: both tourist, with a visit to the small town of Vetulonia, and naturalistic. The trekking is ad anello in the middle of the forest, so the path is bumpy and uneven (presence of stones, leaves, roots). The last part is uphill.  

Technical advice:
Wear comfortable clothing (layered), hat in summer, hiking shoes and even sticks to use on the final climb on the way back. A water supply is recommended.

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Where to park:
In Piazza Vatluna, opposite the Civic-Archaeological Museum “Isidoro Falchi”.

Vetulonia what to see in the ancient and powerful Etruscan city

Today Vetulonia is a fraction of the town of Castiglione della Pescaia, in the province of Grosseto. The visit is divided into two parts: the area of the tombs and the village.

  • The way of the Sepulchres : On the way to Vetulonia, a few minutes from the village, there is a dirt road known as the way of the sepulchres, along which some monumental tombs have been found.  The tombs of the necropolis of Vetulonia have returned many materials partially preserved in the local archaeological museum and partly exposed in that of Florence
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  • The village of Vetulonia : Although the findings of the town are less than those of the necropolis, here too we find archaeological excavations in the areas of Costa dei Lippi and Costa Murata, and some structures of the Etruscan era

Castiglione della Pescaia, a few steps from Vetulonia an escape to the sea

Castiglione della Pescaia, in the province of Grosseto, in Tuscany, this beautiful village directly overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and is a renowned seaside resort, which has won several awards and awards for environmental quality! The ideal is to enjoy a nice walk along the promenade during the day, admiring the beautiful beaches and enjoying a particular view of the upper part of the city, where the castle and the bell tower of the Church of San Giovanni stand out.

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If in the evening you are looking for a quieter nightlife you have to stay in the area of Corso della Libertà, but if you want to party all night the promenade is the place for you, which follows all Via Roma! Here you will find some of the most exclusive and trendy clubs, offering theme nights and DJ sets that last until dawn!

  • Ponente Beach – It is the main beach of the city and is located in front of the city center, so easily accessible. This long stretch of beach runs towards the resort of Punta Ala and here there are many beach resorts, such as Bagno Nettuno, Bagno Balena, Bagno Granchio and Bagno Agua Fria, all properly equipped and with different services for guests. The beach is characterized by golden sand, crystal clear sea and shallow waters that make it perfect for families with small children.
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  • Levante Beach – If the Ponente Beach is all that runs north towards Punta Ala, the stretch of sand that runs south towards the town of Marina di Grosseto is Spiaggia Levante. The two beaches are considered twin, although this is a quieter beach. Even here there are bathing establishments (although fewer in number) that provide a whole range of services for their guests. Perfect also for families with small children. In addition, here there is a beautiful pine forest in which to relax during the hottest hours and the Bau Beach Selene, a beach/ park where dogs are allowed, ideal if you are traveling with your 4-legged friend.
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You just have to immerse yourself in these wonderful cities, between art, culture and relaxation!

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