Livorno: tips for a perfect holiday

Livorno is a Tuscan city rich in culture, including neo-baroque and neoclassical masterpieces but also beautiful natural landscapes and beaches with crystal clear water. So let’s find out what to see and what to do in Livorno for a perfect holiday!

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Livorno, the young city

Livorno is a “young” city, born about 500 years ago by the will of the Medici family full of places to visit: among these, there is “Venezia Nuova“, a neighborhood called so because it was built around canals, just like in the famous lagoon. Walking through Venezia Nuova you can see beautiful views and visit the Museum and the Municipal Library; a few steps away is the church of Santa Caterina, famous for the work that portrays the Coronation of the Virgin of Giorgio Vasari.

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Among the architectural wonders of Livorno there is the New Fortress, where there is, in addition to a beautiful public park, the Sala d’Armi, characterized by a cruise time where occasionally cultural events are organized. From the spring period in fact are organized many gastronomic events, music and also set up playgrounds for children.

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Easily accessible from the Fortezza Nuova is the Vettovaglie Market, one of the largest in Europe, the ideal place to shop: with 200 shops and 92 cellars overlooking the Fosso Reale, are often organized happy hour in bars and restaurants where you can enjoy characteristic products.

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Another place to visit is the Duomo, dedicated to San Francesco and not far away there is the Fountain of the Four Moors built in 1617, which is linked to the legend that those who can see the noses of the 4 Moors at the same time will be literally “kissed by luck”.

Right in front of the Fountain of the Four Moors there is the Old Fortress, built in 1530 and at a distance of about a kilometer begins Viale Italia that, with a walk on the sea, leads to the Terrazza Mascagni, named after the famous musician. Renovated in the 90s, the terrace consists of 34,000 black and white tiles, with views of the sea and sunsets, perfect for photography lovers!

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For a visit to Livorno with children, a visit to the aquarium is definitely a must: with over 2000 animals of more than 300 different species, 33 tanks, the goal is to make everyone know the marine environment and teach respect. Divided into three areas, on the ground floor there is the reconstruction of marine environments typical of the Mediterranean, on the first floor many reptiles, amphibians and even an anthill.

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Among the most beautiful experiences you can do in Livorno there is definitely visit the city by boat: a unique opportunity to see the wonderful places from another point of view.

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For lovers of literature finally in the province of Livorno is Castagneto Carducci, a small village a few kilometers from the sea where you can visit the room where the poet, in addition to having access to several poems and documents.

The most beautiful beaches in Livorno and surroundings

Livorno, in addition to being a very rich city culturally, is also perfect for lovers of the sea: there are several very famous beaches with crystal clear waters and in some is also guaranteed the rescue service, for a dive in total safety.

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Among the most beautiful beach facilities is definitely to see the coast of Calafuria, south of Livorno: it is located in a nature reserve and is mostly formed by rocks and gravel shore, perfect for lovers of wild and unspoiled nature.

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Some sandy beaches recommended for families, even with four-legged friends, are those of San Vincenzo: here there are in fact many services designed for children, shallow waters, clear waters and a completely dog friendly area!

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Another beach also named blue flag 2021 is the Bay of Rogiolo, with natural sand and pebbles, right at the foot of Castel Sonnino. In a beautiful landscape of Mediterranean scrub, it is a small paradise where you can do scuba diving to discover the prairie of Posidonia oceanica, octopus, bream, shells and about 12 meters deep admire the Christ of the Abyss, a sunken statue. Among other activities are also organized canoe excursions, to explore the surrounding coves and the many sea caves.

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Also about 30 minutes away from Livorno city, there is the beach of Rosignano Marittimo, with fine sand and white, just like the Caribbean, named blue flag that will surprise you for its colors.

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What to do in Livorno and surroundings

Livorno, as you will have understood, is a city full of life and events: every summer can not miss in fact Music under the stars, an event that generally takes place in the Fortezza Vecchia and includes concerts of both classical and modern music. The penultimate week of July instead takes place the White Night, with music, dances and lots of fun for all ages; at the beginning of August there is Effetto Venezia, with its many stands, artists and exhibitions.  

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If you plan a longer holiday, you can also opt for a ride in Pisa, about 15 minutes by train, to take some photos of the famous Leaning Tower and the Romanesque Cathedral of Pisa.

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An alternative especially for art lovers is a visit to the nearby Florence: a day among the Uffizi, the Accademia Gallery, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella and the Piazza del Duomo, will give an extra touch to your holiday around Livorno.

What to eat and where to sleep in Livorno

Livorno is famous for its culinary specialties: among the cecina livornese, the cacciucco, stuffed mussels, cod alla livornese, the spaghettata fish and the well-known street food, Tuscan cuisine will surprise you with the variety of its flavors.

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Finding accommodation is very simple: there are many accommodations available for all budgets, from b & b to small apartments at a good price, up to hotels with all services, some even with spas to make your holiday in Livorno unique and unforgettable!

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