Udine, art, taste and tradition in the heart of Friuli

Italy is a country full of fascinating cities, each with its own history, culture and charm. Among the less known and more interesting destinations there is Udine. Spending a weekend in Udine allows you to discover what makes this delightful city a gem to discover.

This city in the north-east of Italy, capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, offers an extraordinary experience for those who wish to spend a weekend amidst history, art and tradition.

Living a weekend in Udine allows you to experience a weekend out of the box in a destination still little known by “mass tourism”: a destination to be included in the list of unmissable trips.

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Day 1: The charm of the old town

The heart of Udine is the historic center, a maze of paved alleys, historic squares and monuments that tell centuries of history.


The weekend to discover the city can start from Piazza della Libertà, surrounded by the majestic Loggia del Lionello. This structure, dating back to the fifteenth century, fascinates visitors with the columns of the porch that stand as silent guardians of a rich history and the trilobate arches of the windows.

Opposite the Loggia del Lionello, just across the square, stands the Loggia di San Giovanni with the Clock Tower and its round arches.

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Do not miss a visit to the Castle of Udine, a sixteenth-century manor that emerges from the top of the hill. Its walls tell stories of nobles passing through frescoes, paintings and halls and offer a spectacular view of the city.


In the late afternoon, with the city illuminated, you can arrive in Piazza Duomo and you can take time to admire both the square and the Duomo di Udine, an architectural masterpiece that preserves artistic treasures.

The day can end with a dinner of typical products and dishes, such as salam tal aset (salami with vinegar), the cjarsons (ravioloni with filling characterized by sweet and savory flavors) and risotto with Sclopit (risotto with silene and cheese).

Day 2: culture, nature and flavours

The second day of the weekend in Udine can be dedicated to the culture, nature and flavors of the place.


The morning can begin with a visit to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art housed in an exceptional venue, Casa Cavazzani. It is a jewel of the sixteenth century in the heart of the city. Inside you live an exciting journey through contemporary art.


The day can continue with a visit to the Ethnographic Museum of Friuli (hosted by Palazzo Giacomelli) for a journey into the local culture. After that, if there is still time, you can “unwind” among nature in the Cormor Park, an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Udine.

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The evening can be dedicated to the completion of the journey to discover the typical cuisine, from frico to local cheeses. All accompanied by a glass of wine from Friuli, such as Picolit and Ribolla Gialla for whites and Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Schioppettino for reds.

Other interesting destinations in Udine and surroundings

In addition to the attractions already mentioned, Udine offers a variety of fascinating places and interesting activities. Here are some other attractions to explore during the weekend in Udine:

Patriarchal Palace – “Patriarchal” because it housed the patriarchs of Aquileia, still fascinates today for its structure and for the works of Tiepolo jealously guarded inside.

Piazza Matteotti – Commonly called Piazza San Giacomo, it is characterized by a 16th century fountain and porticoed houses with frescoes.

Diocesan Museum – Housed in the Archbishop’s Palace and Gallerie del Tiepolo, the Diocesan Museum amazes visitors with its magnificent frescoes by Gianbattista Tiepolo.

Church of San Francesco – One of the oldest churches in Udine, the Church of San Francesco is known for its Gothic style and the frescoes by Gianbattista Tiepolo that decorate the interior.

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Udine Waalweg path – These are picturesque waterways that flow through the city, giving a touch of charm and a relaxing atmosphere to the surrounding alleys.

Via Mercatovecchio – Via Mercatovecchio is a shopping street in the historic center, surrounded by historic buildings with shops.

City gates – The city gates testify to the presence of ancient defensive walls of the city of Udine.

· Orto Botanico Friulano – For nature lovers, the Orto Botanico Friulano is an oasis of tranquility. The gardens house a large collection of plants, offering a pleasant botanical walk.

Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine – Lovers of performing arts will find in the Teatro Nuovo a prestigious place that hosts theater performances, concerts and cultural events.

Where to sleep in Udine?

Udine offers a wide range of solutions that adapt to the preferences and “pockets” of every traveller.

They range from hotels in the heart of the historic center to the cozy atmosphere of bed and breakfast to practical apartments. For those traveling on a more budget, hostels are a convenient choice.

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