Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, the best of Motor Valley

What do Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani have in common? The most admired supercars in the world are born around Modena, in the Motor Valley.

In Emilia Romagna in this area, there is an incredible concentration of car manufacturers among the most famous and important in the world.

The region is historically very linked to the production of cars and motorcycles. So here are many places to visit for those who are passionate about engines. In this part of Emilia Romagna have their headquarters among others Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Pagani.

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The Motor Valley: where it is

The area of Emilia Romagna called Motor Valley can be identified with the Via Emilia from Rimini to Piacenza. In these territories you can find many automotive brands among the most prestigious in the world. In these 300 kilometres you will find the history of world motor racing and racing.

This is a very special place, indeed it is unique because nowhere else in the world you can find such a high concentration of high-end car manufacturers. These companies are so close that their paths have crossed several times, literally in the case of Ferrari and Lamborghini and Lamborghini and Pagani for example.

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What to see in the Motor Valley?

For motor and car enthusiasts the Motor Valley is undoubtedly the ideal place. Sii can visit this territory discovering all the excellence of Made in Italy through an exhibition that attracts visitors from all over the world.

The journey to discover the Motor Valley begins with a visit to the modern Maserati showroom, which houses some car models and an exclusive shop. Thanks to a tour that can be made by reservation, the visitor can know the history of the company and the peculiarities of the supercars shown here. Always by reservation you can participate in the factory tour that takes the guest to the heart of the production of Maserati.

After the visit you can walk to the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena that is not far. Here are the models that tell the incredible story of Enzo Ferrari, who brought him from being a legendary driver. Always in the center of Modena there is another place to visit for those who are passionate about engines.

This is the Museum of the historic car Stanguellini founded in 1996. Moving a few kilometers from the center you can then reach the farm Horne where the Umberto Panini collection is located.

The journey to discover the Motor Valley then continues to Maranello where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Ferrari and admire the most famous cars. In San Cesario there is the headquarters of Pagani Automobili where there is the factory and the museum.

Not too far from here is Sant’Agata Bolognese where there is the headquarters of another company that has made the history of the car. It’s the Lamborghini. Here you’ll find the Lamborghini factory and museum, the MUDETEC.

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Funo di Argelato is home to the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum.

Ferrari and Lamborghini: intertwined stories along the Motor Valley

One of the most famous car manufacturers in the world is undoubtedly Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena in 1898 and has been passionate about the world of cars since childhood. He began his career as a test driver and then as a pilot in 1919.

The following year he began his collaboration with Alfa Romeo and then became a manager. In 1929 he founded the Scuderia Ferrari in Modena, whose symbol is the prancing horse. Ferrari debuts in motor racing where over the years it gets incredible results that make it one of the most important in the world. 

According to the narration, the birth of the Lamborghini was due to a dispute between Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini. The latter was already an established industrialist who built tractors and owned several Ferraris, including a Ferrari 250 GT of which he was not fully satisfied.

For this reason he turned directly to Enzo Ferrari who replied annoyed that he could not know anything about the subject and that he continued to deal with tractors. Ferruccio, touched by the staff, decided to build cars that were perfect. In 1963 he founded his car company in Sant’Agata Bolognese, creating one of the most important brands of the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna and building the Miura, the first supercar, the fastest car in the world at that time.

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Motor Valley: the history of Pagani and Maserati

Horicio Pagani was of Piedmontese origin and was born in a small town in Argentina. His dream had always been to build racing cars. At only 20 years old he put on track a formula three car for the Argentine championship. He arrived in the Motor Valley in 1982 on the advice of Juan Miguel Fangio. Here he began his career first as a third level mechanic and then in the design team of Lamborghini.

In 1988d after leaving Lamborghini for a divergence on innovative materials, then began the study of the legendary Pagani Zonda the car symbol of this car manufacturer. Another of the most famous car houses was born in these areas. It is the Maserati the oldest Italian car manufacturer founded by Alfiere Maserati in 1914.

It started with only 5 employees and then entered the legend of the car. First with victories in Formula One with Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, then in the Targa Florio and finally from 1947 with the production of touring cars that continues today.

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