Typical festivals, chapter 2 Central Italy

We continue our journey in Italian flavors with the typical festivals of central Italy, in a riot of colors, smells and flavors that refer to the characteristics of the various territories. All year round it offers opportunities for gastronomic tourism. This episode starts from Lazio, which manages to give its best especially in the autumn season: 

  • the Chocolate Festival, in October, in the city of Marino, which reveals itself every year the sweetest and most entertaining event of the season;   
  • the Chestnut Festival in Soriano, Canepina, Manziana and Cave, all in October, with desserts and dishes prepared with local chestnuts;   
  • the Porcini Mushroom Turkey Festival in Bellegra, in October; 
  • The Mushroom Festival in Bracciano, always in October, with the opportunity to enjoy dishes prepared with freshly picked mushrooms.  
  • the Wine Festival, in Nerola in October, which celebrates the union between wine and food.


You leave Lazio to move to the Marche, another region very popular for its local products, widely celebrated at many festivals such as:  

  • the Castagnolo Festivals, a typical carnival dessert, which take place in Monte San Vito (Ancona) and San Lorenzo (Pesaro-Urbino); 
  • the Garagoj Festival in Marotta, which celebrates the seafood caught to welcome tourists at the beginning of the summer season;  
  • the Tagliatella Festival, in Fermignano, especially served with meat sauce; 
  • the Festival of Cresciole di Polenta, in Botontano, in honor of a typical Carnival dish;  
  • the Asparagus Mountain Festival in Arcevia and Cancelli;  
  • the Sagra del Carciofo Nostrano, in Senigallia, with tastings of local artichoke dishes;  
  • the Calcione and Raviolo Festival in Treia, Macerata, where Calcione cheese becomes the basic ingredient of the main courses; 
  • the Artisan Ice Cream Festival, in Monte San Pietrangeli, to inaugurate the best summer;  
  • the Festival of Vincisgrassi, in Cartoceto, to celebrate a super typical dish of the region;  
  • the Rabbit Festival in Porchetta, in Vaccarile di Ostra, with succulent dishes to accompany with local red wines;  
  • the Fish Festival, in Ascoli Piceno, with fresh fish dishes freshly caught;
  • the Sagra del Porchetto, in Borghetto di Monte San Vito, where the Porchetto is the Marche pig par excellence; 
  • the Passatello Festival, in Pianello d’Ostra, with dishes based on fresh pasta served with various condiments; 
  • the Sagra del Maialino e della Trebbiatura, in late July in Trei, in honor of the fields and local tradition; 
  • The Festival of Gnocchi, Lampedona, with the opportunity to taste the eyes seasoned in the most unthinkable ways;  
  • the Peach Festival of Montelabbate, not to underestimate the importance of fruit; 
  • the Black Summer Truffle Festival, of Montegrimano, always in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, to honor this valuable and excellent product; 
  • the Gnocchi with Duck Festival, in Castelfidardo; 
  • the Festival of Verdicchio, in Matelica, in the province of Macerata, in honor of the famous wine of the Marches; 
  • the Sagra del Tartufo Bianco Pregiato of Pergola.


The beautiful Tuscany offers a long series of festivals to which you must participate to discover and taste the local products: 

  • the Marzuolo Truffle Festival, in Certaldo, with food stands offering dishes made ad hoc;  
  • the Sagra della Sportella, on Elba Island, dedicated to the sweet of lovers who, in the past, the boys gave to their loved ones;  
  • the Terricciola Strawberry Festival, a festival that offers creations based on the typical spring fruit.


From Tuscany we pass to Umbria, a land of many faces and many facets, which are poured into the wide range of local products protagonists of the country festivals: 

  • the Gnocchi Festival, in Narni, with the opportunity to taste the gnocchi seasoned in the most varied ways;  
  • the Boar Festival, in Vitellino Castiglione del Lago, with pappardelle and boar stew;  
  • the Festival of the Hare, in Dunarobba, where the protagonist is the hare to the hunter; 
  • the Summer Truffle Festival, in Campello sul Clitunno; 
  • The Festival of Ciriola, in Stroncone, starring a fresh pasta made with water and flour and served with different condiments.


For central Italy it’s all, soon for the last episode where in our journey through the flavors of the beautiful country we will meet the delicacies of the south . 

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