The wonderful hills of Farra di Soligo

In Italy there are magnificent places to discover even during the autumn season such as the hills of Farra di Soligo in the province of Treviso, in Veneto. These areas are the territory where grapes are grown that are used for the production of wine Prosecco.

This is the most exported Italian wine abroad and is appreciated for its quality. There are many areas of Italy similar to this that produce excellent products. Here you can find out what these hills are and where they are.


These are the ideal places to make magnificent autumn hikes in nature. You can also discover where to stay during your stay in Veneto and you can also learn about the typical dishes of this area of Italy. Finally, you will also get to know the typical product of the Farra di Soligo hills: Prosecco DOC.

Farra di Soligo: what are they and where are they?

The hills of Farra di Soligo are those territories that are part of the Unescu site called: “Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene”. The peculiarity and also the beauty of the territory is represented by the hills that surround it and are cultivated with vines. Its foundation probably dates back to the Lombard era.

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In addition, this area is crossed by the Prosecco wine road of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. The name Farra probably derives from a term widely used in the Lombard era by the peoples who inhabited the Alps and which has the meaning of travel.

Nature excursions in the hills of Farra di Soligo

These places are suitable for wonderful excursions in nature both on foot and by bike. In fact you must know that in this way you can discover both the naturalistic aspects but also the historical and cultural aspects of this wonderful territory.

Autumn is the ideal month to explore the vineyards and woods of the Farra di Soligo hills. Here you will have the opportunity to admire magnificent views of the plain and towards the prealpine ridge. But that’s not all, in fact during the excursion you will also see the traces left by the Great War and you will see the imposing Towers of Credazzo and the church of San Lorenzo.


Farra di Soligo: where to sleep and what to eat?

This area of Italy is very hospitable and you will have many solutions to stay during your trip to discover the hills of Fara di Soligo and its vines. In fact you should know that there are many agriturismi B&B and accommodation facilities such as hotels and apartments for rent where you can sleep.

This area is also particularly appreciated for its enogastronomic. In order to get to know this reality better, it is recommended to visit one of the many wineries where you can learn directly how the various stages of production of these wines take place.

Also in the osterie and restaurants on the territory you can taste the typical dishes of traditional Treviso cuisine. One dish you should definitely try is bigoli , with duck ragout. A traditional second is the Venetian liver with an unmistakable taste.


The Farra di Soligo Prosecco

But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that the area of Farra di Soligo is famous all over the world for the production of Prosecco. Its production is stable by a specification in which are also indicated which are the three existing types. This is:

  • Prosecco
  • Sparkling Prosecco 
  • Prosecco spumante.

As for the basic vine for the production of Prosecco you must know that it is the glera. Finally you should know that 80% of the production of this wine in Italy comes from Veneto and these territories. In recent years these products have received very important awards and are increasingly appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad.

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