Rafting: a fun experience to try

Those who have tried it did not take long to define it an experience to do with family and friends: we are talking about rafting in October. Let’s find out all there is to know!

The summer comes and inevitably you hear about rafting but, between one commitment and another, not everyone can try this experience. Fortunately it can fall back on autumn.

Planning a rafting adventure in October means immersing yourself in this unique experience at a time of year when the weather is still perfect and opportunities to get away from the routine are scarce.


What is rafting?

Rafting came from the United States to our country in the 80s, becoming a very popular aquatic discipline over the years. Indeed, more and more people want to try rafting.

What is rafting? Looking at the origin of the word it is easy to guess how it is to navigate aboard a dinghy (literally raft from “raft”) along a stream.

The participants, equipped with helmet, buoy and paddle, get on a dinghy and face the descent of a river or stream, trying to overcome steep, obstacles and currents.

This is not an extreme sport, although it involves the use of a safety helmet and a life preserver: rafting is an experience to try with family or friends.


Rafting, an experience to try with family or friends

Rafting is a sport accessible to anyone, from children from three years up to adults up to the elderly, as long as the participants are fit, are not afraid of water and know how to swim.

What to know before rafting? No special skills or physical qualities are needed: the essential thing is to be loose, coordinated and willing to play as a team.

To choose rafting are families looking for an activity to do together; friends looking for a unique experience or something different to celebrate the bachelorette party or celibacy; schools looking for an activity to consolidate the spirit of the group; companies looking for a way to team up.

For the rest, considering the safety equipment and driving on board the dinghy, it is a sport really open to all. Even , how to dress for rafting is not a problem.

Obviously there are different levels of difficulty depending on the experience of the participants: water movement, obstacles in the path, very narrow passages, high and irregular waves, how long rafting lasts and so on.

The crew number of the dinghy varies depending on the size and capacity of the dinghy (variable depending on the type of watercourse).


Rafting in October: what to know

What is the best time to do rafting? In some countries, including Italy, the favorable climate and environmental conditions allow rafting from March to October.

By the way, even if it were to be a rainy day in October, the rain would be a source of fun: the supply of water increases the level of difficulty and makes the descent more exciting.

However, the output of rafting in October can only be organized if the stream has the right water level (neither the maximum nor the minimum of its usual flow).

Considering the variety of intrinsic factors that can affect the water level, however, it is necessary to evaluate which rivers are navigable and where to do rafting in October in Italy.

tendenze di viaggio

Where to do rafting in October in Italy?

All that has been said so far has made us understand the importance of understanding which waterways are suitable for rafting in October.

Among the most popular destinations are the river Adda in Valtellina, the river Corno (rafting at Marmore along the river born from Mount Terminillo) in Lazio and the river Lao in the park of Pollino in Calabria.

To be on the safe side, you may prefer the Black River: this rafting at Marmore does not have a best time of year. The river (born on the Sibillini Mountains in Vallinfante) allows rafting in any month of the year thanks to the influx of water from the Marmore waterfall.

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