Street food in Italy is increasingly gourmet

A new way of eating that is spreading more and more even on Italian territory

A trend that is increasingly spreading in our country is that concerning the consumption and purchase of food on the street. In recent years, street food in Italy has become a consolidated phenomenon that every year boasts an increasing number of proposals and customers. Italian Traditions will lead you on to the discovery of this phenomenon that is present all over the world. In addition, we will talk about how it all started and how it’s doing in our country. Finally, we will present the main foods that can be found in this context.

What is street food?

Street food in Italy and the rest of the world is a way of preparing and serving food that meets two main needs. These are:

  • eat quickly
  • save money.

The first foods served in this way were sandwiches, then with time other products started to arrive on the market until the present day where the offer is very varied. In fact, it is possible to find practically any type of food. This is prepared and then served inside a moving vehicle usually an ape car or a van.


Its origins

You may not know this but this way of proposing food dates back to the beginnings of our civilization. Even in Ancient Greece and in the Roman empire there were “thermopolia” where food was cooked and served outdoors. In modern times it has often been associated with low quality food born from the need to feed many people in a short time. Things have definitely changed in the last few years. This new trend, coming from the United States, uses high quality ingredients for the preparation and offers typical dishes of the local cuisine.


Street food in our country

Street food in Italy today follows this American trend proposing to its customers traditional regional foods prepared with genuine and local products. The numerous events and gatherings that involve street food are a way of making known typical products of a particular territory to the general public. The interest in this way of offering food has also grown among the great chefs who today often undertake or are involved in this type of catering.

The main foods

The dishes that can be prepared in this way are very many. Some of these are typical of some specific Italian regions. Among the best known are pizza and piadina. The latter is typical of Romagna but is now widespread throughout Italy. Other interesting products are:

  • ascoli olives
  • fritters
  • lampredotto
  • farinata
  • castagnaccio
  • cannoli
  • baba
  • fried cod
  • skewers
  • arancini.

Street food is increasingly a consolidated way to consume and sell food. The frenetic pace of life today has greatly encouraged the spread of this type of activity. However, we must not forget the importance of the quality of raw materials with which dishes are prepared, which has allowed us to attract more and more attention from the citizens. If you want to discover regional products we advise you to read this article too. Now that you know more about street food in Italy you just have to try it, the street food made in Italy is different and is increasingly appreciated.

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