Silvia interviews Ludovica Serafini: master of design

Our country is rich in history and tradition. There are so many characters that have distinguished themselves since the Renaissance for their creative excellence in the most diverse fields, from art to literature. Nowadays the field of design has more and more Italian excellences and the foreign demand for products made in Italy is far greater. An example is the architect and designer Ludovica Serafini.

The influence of sea on the creative process 

Some of Ludovica’s  most important works have been carried out in marine locations such as Sardinia. Silvia therefore asks how much the sea has had an impact on her creative process.

Surely it has had its importance, but mainly with regard to creazioni di creations. Particularly the effect of bubbles on the water inspired some of the creations. Instead, for her interiors this does not happen: in fact she expresses the concept of sea as a barrier. So it’s a limit, something beyond which you cannot go.

Design Trends: Back to the Past or a Future of Technology?

This will please you: as far as the direction that design should follow in Ludovica’s opinion, the best way is to use both elements of the past and technological innovation. So you have to combine the two aspects trying to find the right balance. An example of this concept can be found in an old iron gate that can be opened through an application on a smartphone. So craftsmanship and design must coexist to achieve the best result.

The next question is about beauty and simplicity. Silvia asks how easy it is to reach beauty.

Beauty is simplicity because all that is excessive according to Ludovica is not beautiful. Why? Because something to be beautiful has to express the concepts of proportion and elegance. Beauty can be achieved through a mental and cultural process, while simplicity is a more complicated process that is difficult to achieve.

Italian design around the world

Here’s another thing: it’s about how important it was to her career to be Italian and whether it is true that Italians are better designers than other people. This certainly has its importance. Experience has shown her how the merits of Italian creators are recognized overseas. This is also confirmed by the fact that a simple person in this country can be considered brilliant outside of our national borders. Why? It is determined by the fact that we think differently.

The short talk ends with a final question about where the designer would like to be at the moment of the  interview.

The response of Ludovica Serafini, among the best Italian designers, confirms her great attention for the present moment. In fact, the answer is very simple and sincere: “Here with you now”.

As you have seen in this interview with Ludovica Serafini we have got to know one of the Italian excellences that has brought the Made in Italy to the world. A great way to make our culture known, don’t you think?

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