Silvia interviews Mitja Sirk, owner of La Subida

La Subida, Mitja Sirk points out, is one of the best Italian resorts and family-run businesses, which means treating its guests as if they were part of the family.

This is the spirit that welcomes us within this wonderful structure which to call magical is reductive and even transpires during the interview. So if you are wondering what to do in Italy to spend a few days relaxing, we recommend a holiday at this resort, that is near Gorizia, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Conservation and enjoyment of the territory are the values ​​on which the company is rooted, without sacrificing a touch of design … The furnishings are sophisticated and innovative, they interweave perfectly, without contrasting one another.

The peculiarity of Subida

The Subida represents the desire to maintain its traditions without giving up a look at the present, meeting those that are the needs of the modern guest.

The structure is literally immersed in woods and vineyards … It is an oasis of serenity in which the concept of slow life is noticeably felt and blends well with the concepts of organic and eco-sustainable production of which it is an example.

The relationship with nature is at the heart of  the business: it has always been an indispensable element for the company that continues to keep up the pace so that it does not go back on this principle.

A middle ground

The peculiarity of Subida lies in a middle ground, between the Slovenian mountain and the Danube plain. And it is the combination of culture that enriches the territory, contributing to the development of a unique place.

As Mitja Sirk tells us, Subida is a small church that for the people of the place establishes the physical border between the Friulian world of Italians and the Slovenian world.

The cultural exchange given by the border position is the added value of the place that for this reason becomes unique both in terms of its offer and cultural opening. It is in fact personalities who are born in multicultural environments that are able to become more open and who are in favor of carrying out new experiences. And maybe this is the strength of the Sirk family.

Subida’s productions

Wine and vinegar are the current productions here in Subida. Both products need a slow pace and no indifferent attentions to make the difference. Having a slow approach in production, particularly in food, means getting a niche product whose cost cannot be compared to the industrial one.

How the building is laid out

The Subida welcomes more than a dozen traditional-style apartments with some of the most contemporary design elements. It also consists of a riding school and a swimming pool, although according to the owners the only things that guests will need in this magical place are:

• a starry sky and

•a book.

And here at Subida these two elements are never missing …

Michelin cooking

In the restaurant the hunter’s trattoria, gourmet dishes are served respecting tradition. This means that there will be dishes cooked according to the old family recipe book, revisited for the modern palate. The ability to blend in a balanced way with old and new flavors has allowed the hunter’s trattoria to get the Michelin award.

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