Selva di Cadore, the magic of winter

Nature, attractions, sport and gastronomy: the Veneto Dolomites hide a tourist resort that lives both in summer and winter. We are talking about Selva di Cadore. Let’s get to know it better.

Selva di Cadore is a town in the Val Fiorentina formed by several hamlets and is a real pearl of the Dolomites of Belluno.

This valley is inserted in the frame of the gigantic Dolomites (Mount Pelmo, Mount Civetta and part of the Marmolada) and the Group Croda da Lago – Cernera.

How high is Selva di Cadore? It is located at an altitude of more than a thousand and three hundred meters and its location is strategic because it offers a breathtaking view and various attractions at all times of the year, from sports to culture to contact with nature. There is also space for the typical Ladin cuisine.


What to see in Selva di Cadore

Nature is the real protagonist of the Selva di Cadore, but this valley also offers cultural itineraries and archaeological sites to all lovers of culture.

Among the cultural attractions not to be missed is the Museo Vittorino Cazzetta in which are preserved finds of historical and archaeological interest: footprints of dinosaurs, remains of the hunter of Mondeval, finds and evidence of the Neolithic, traces of the Middle Ages and so on.

If the museum manages to tickle the curiosity then you can visit the archaeological site of Mandriz and the site of Mondeval de Sora.


You can also visit the church dedicated to Santa Fosca in Pescul and the parish church dedicated to San Lorenzo in Selva di Cadore to admire their architecture and works of art.

Another unmissable stop is the War Memorial: it is a monument designed to commemorate those who lost their lives during the World War.

Selva di Cadore: what to do in winter and summer

Selva di Cadore is the ideal destination to unwind from everyday life because it offers various activities throughout the year in a breathtaking location.

In winter, considering that it is part of the Civetta ski area, it allows you to ski both day and night regardless of level. In addition, ski schools offer ski lessons for beginners and lessons in other disciplines (e.g. snowboarding and carving). Fans of the board can prove their skills in the two snowparks. You can also take part in a snowshoe hike.

What to do in Selva di Cadore in summer? The valley changes colors, but offers equally exciting attractions. For example, you can organize walks with friends, go solo trekking or with children or explore the trails by mountain-bike. The streams also allow you to practice sport fishing.

Not just activities and sports. Selva di Cadore is the ideal destination for those who want to relax alone or want to live a relaxing experience with the whole family. Just dive into the woods or stop in the picnic area.


What to do in Selva di Cadore with children

The valley offers various attractions suitable for children, making Selva di Cadore perfect for families.

Children can attend ski lessons and other winter activities or can try other sports or play in the play area of the Multipurpose Sports Center of the village of Santa Fosca.

Families who visit Selva di Cadore can go for walks until they dive into the woods and admire the flora and fauna, except for the picnic area.

Selva di Cadore: what to eat

The journey to discover Selva di Cadore is complete only if it includes a gastronomic experience: the alpine huts and huts offer a Ladin cuisine.

Traditional dishes offer the scents and flavors of the past thanks to the use of game, mushrooms, speck and goat’s milk products and vaccines of the area.

For a complete culinary experience you can not miss the pumpkin gnocchi, alpine cheeses, casunziei and pastin.


Best hotels in Selva di Cadore

The valley offers accommodation solutions ready to meet any need: where to stay in Selva di Cadore? Apartments, hotels, residences, camping and mountain huts.


The valley also offers many events, among which the festival of Madonna del Carmine and Sant’Osvaldo in summer (the citizens dress in typical mountain clothes while the artisans offer their typical products) and the Desmontegada (celebrations of the return of animals from transhumance) in September.

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