Sardinian hinterland: the most beautiful places to visit

In addition to the turquoise sea that embraces it, Sardinia has thousands of picturesque, romantic and breathtaking views to offer. Leaving a little ‘from the classic tourist itineraries that only pour into the coast, the Sardinian hinterland is able to give unique emotions to anyone who enters it.

Although it can safely be counted among the most beautiful seas in the world, Sardinia is not only sea. And the Sardinians will be delighted, who do everything to enhance their wonderful hinterland that has nothing to envy to the wonderful sea that surrounds the island.  

The Sardinian hinterland is characterized by a wild nature and picturesque villages with special characteristics, as well as canyons and parks that are suitable for many outdoor sports activities. Let’s find out together what are the 10 things that you absolutely cannot miss in the Sardinian hinterland.

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1. The Gorropu Gorge

Steep and dizzying rocks surround what is one of the deepest canyons in Europe: the Gorropu Gorge. Located in the Supramonte, between Orgosolo and Urzulei, the gorge was shaped by the Rio Flumineddu that flows to a depth of 500 meters!

This is one of the wildest places in the Sardinian hinterland, where the bravest and fearless can venture into the paths and discover the wonders that are hidden in this breathtaking landscape.

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2. Ulassai

Lovers of trekking and nature will find in the Sardinian hinterland one of the most interesting places to start their adventures.  

The village of Ulassai is perched on a rock wall, dominating a landscape below that is often exploited for the rock climbing or inaccessible hiking trails. It is a small village that lives in close contact with the nature that surrounds it and that depends strictly on it: just think that one of the main attractions, the Scala di San Giorgio, is a completely natural vertical wall!

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3. Orgosole

Orgosolo is a village with a mysterious and picturesque charm that is located in the Barbagia region. The peculiarity of this village are the murals that adorn all its streets, more than 150 murals! As per tradition, murals were an important sign of communication during the protests and now represent part of the artistic heritage of the city.  

A few km from Orgosolo, however, the Forest of Montes (which covers more than 4000 hectares) is ideal for a nice walk and deserved relaxation.

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4. San Pantaleo

Very close to the beautiful Porto Cervo, San Pantaleo is a small rural village that gives the visitor that pleasant feeling of being in a vero, away from the patterns of mass tourism.

The whole village is literally gathered around a small main square and is characterized by numerous art galleries (so much so as to have earned the nickname of artists colony) and small local artisans shops.  

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5. Adjusts

The village of Aggius is known, alas, for being the epicentre of banditism in the region of Gallura, in past centuries.  

The peculiarity of this village, in addition to the historical importance it has had in the phenomenon of banditism, is precisely that of having set up a Museum of Banditism, with the intent to condemn this practice and restore prestige and morality to the town.

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6. Bitti

We return to the area of Barbagia, in one of the most important areas for the production of dairy products, such as the famous pecorino sardo.  

The town of Bitti is famous for its traditional tenor song, which has been included in the list of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


7. Montevecchio mines

The south of Sardinia is rich in mining sites, among the oldest in Italy. The mines of Montevecchio, part of the Geominerary Park of Sardinia, is a site protected by UNESCO and of fundamental historical importance. The extraction of minerals in this site, in fact, dates back to pre-Roman times.  

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8. Lacones

Laconi (emphasis on a, I recommend!) is another example of a town with a bucolic soul and a carefree and relaxed character. Perfect to breathe the fresh air of the mountains of the Sardinian hinterland and to visit archaeological sites and the ancient castle that dominates it from above.  

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9. Terme di Casteldoria

For those looking for relaxation, in the Sardinian hinterland there are beautiful natural spas, like those of Casteldoria. A quiet place and completely immersed in nature, where the waters of volcanic origin reach almost 80 C!

The thermal baths can be a perfect stop after visiting the ruins of the Doria castle, which is nearby.

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10. Wine tasting

Among the activities not to be missed in the Sardinian hinterland could not miss the wine tasting! What could be better than a good glass of wine to end the day or to accompany a meal based on local products?

The Sardinian hinterland is full of farmhouses, wineries and small local producers that will make you live an unforgettable experience, in the name of excellent local wines, such as Cannonau, the Vermentino, the Nuragas and the Nasco.  

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