Riva 1920, solid wood furniture made in Italy

When craftsmanship meets excellence, products never die. Riva 1920 solid wood furniture is still, after more than one hundred years, of immense quality and one of the strengths of Made in Italy. With a tradition that embraces three generations of a family history made of commitment, dedication and creativity. 

Founded in Brianza in 1920, the company Riva 1920 has been producing solid wood furniture of all kinds for over one hundred years.

From tables, chairs, bookcases, entire kitchens: everything is signed by the skilled professionalism of craftsmen who realize real dreams on wood that contribute to strengthen the perception of Made in Italy around the world.

The philosophy that has:

“guided the company for one hundred and two years is to produce with honesty to pass on to future generations, building wooden furniture made of solid wood able to challenge time in full respect of the environment”.

A philosophy that continues to motivate every day all the actions of the employees of this company.

Riva 1920 • Green Pea

The birth of Riva 1920

Like every dream come true, the Riva 1920 company was born as a very small company, in the small workshop of Nino Romano, a carpenter specialized in solid wood processing. The name Riva comes about twenty years later, when Nino Romano’s father-in-law, Mario Riva, enters the shop and takes over the reins.

The tradition continues, and the sons of Mario Riva, Maurizio and Davide continue the family work, specializing in the creation of custom-made furniture. The turning point was then in 1992, when the company presented its collection for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Riva 1920 now has three production units and a space, the Riva Center, dedicated to the exhibition and study of wood, with an exhibition area of 1200 square meters and an entire museum dedicated to wood.

Mobili in legno massello | Natural Living | Riva 1920

Wood that tells stories

Wood tells stories and calls tradition. The smell and texture of the wood make it all more meaningful, adding value to every single item. That’s why Riva 1920 uses only the best woods, the finest and combines every type of wood with the best functionality.

The main commitment for Riva 1920 is respect for the environment, which is achieved through the use of wood from a controlled and, most importantly, sustainable supply chain.

We are talking about traditional woods, such as maple, cherry, walnut, oak or elm, but also more precious woods such as kauri, a conifer from New Zealand that exceeds 70 meters in height and whose trunk can exceed 9 meters in diameter.

Tomasini per Riva 1920: green design con legno di qualità -  Thegreensideofpink

The collection in honour of the centenary

On the occasion of the centenary of the company, Riva 1920 has produced a special collection, consisting of a few significant pieces that tell, with their simple and elegant style, the love and passion of the Riva family for woodworking.

The Centenarium Collection has eleven very different pieces that manage to reach the most disparate spirits, provided – of course – united by the passion for solid wood. We can find two tables, each with its own line, one linear and minimal, the other more rough, with a more aggressive soul.

Two types of chairs, also in this case a more elegant model characterized by padded cushions and a simple wooden one, finished in detail but with much simpler lines.

Unmissable gem of this collection, an armchair in cedar wood worked from a single block, with soft lines and that gives the impression of being almost as soft as a cloud.

And so, among unique pieces designed specifically to merge with the daily life of every customer, Riva 1920 continues to enter our homes and tell us his story, keeping us company and giving us a little warmth that flows from the love that puts in his work.


The Wood Museum of Riva 1920

The Wood Museum of Riva 1920 is located in Cantù, a city in the heart of Western Brianza, at the foot of the Lombard Pre-Alps, a few kilometers from Como (Lombardy).

Here history, culture, design and environmental awareness intersect: the museum tells the evolution of woodworking through over 2000 historic machines and tools from all over Europe.

This museum is unique in its kind: it is a dynamic place full of initiatives, open to anyone who wants to discover and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wood.

Il museo del Legno di Riva 1920 a Cantù

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