Open oil mills in Umbria, the awaited EVO oil festival 

Open Oil Mills is an experience that goes beyond simple oil tasting. It is an opportunity for those who participate to get in direct contact with the production cycle of extra virgin olive oil. Umbria, the green jewel of central Italy, is famous for its unspoilt nature, medieval villages and a culinary tradition that tickles the palate. The Umbrian extra virgin olive oil is among the finest in Italy in this event you can taste different qualities. 

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During the event, you can touch the processing processes, from the pickers who select the olives to the modern pressing machines that extract the so-called “green gold” cold, thus ensuring the highest quality organoletectica and antioxidant. 

The extra virgin olive oil, the beating heart of many Umbrian dishes is a regional excellence. Every year, Umbria celebrates this precious production through various events, including Open Oil Mills. 

When do the oil mills open in Umbria? 

Now in its twenty-six edition, Frantoi Aperti 2023 will be held this year for almost a month, from 28 October to 26 November. 

For all five weekends of this renowned EVO oil festival, visitors can immerse themselves not only in the world of olive growing, but also in nature and art. 

The olive oil wealth of Umbria 

With its green hills and Mediterranean climate, Umbria offers an ideal habitat for the cultivation of olive trees. The region hosts different varieties of olive trees, each one able to contribute with its own unique characteristics to the definition of excellence of Umbrian extra virgin olive oil.  

Over time, this region has managed to earn a reputation for producing high quality oil, characterized by fruity taste and spicy note.

Open Mills: the immersive experience begins 

Open Oil Mills offers visitors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of extra virgin olive oil production. It is no coincidence that it has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. 

During this period, many farms open the doors of their mills, allowing visitors to observe closely the process of pressing the olives and taste the new oil. 

Industry experts are often present to guide visitors through the different stages of production, from olive harvesting to pressing, to bottling.

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Open oil mills Umbria 2023: the program  

The program of events during Frantoi Aperti Umbria 2023 offers a wide variety of engaging experiences in the picturesque villages and in the fascinating art cities of the region. 

First Weekend (28th-29th October and 1st November)

  • Assisi with UNTO (28 October to 1 November): Assisi is preparing to welcome lovers of extra virgin olive oil with “UNTO – UNESCO, Nature, Territory, Oil”, an event that celebrates the connection between UNESCO, nature and the territory, highlighting the riches of Umbria. 
  • Spoleto with “Walk among the olive trees” (29 October): A picturesque walk through the olive groves of Spoleto offers participants an experience to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region. 
  • Todi with “Colori et Olio” (from October 28 to November 1): Todi is transformed into an explosion of colors and flavors, combining art with the passion for extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Tuoro sul Trasimeno with “Oil Festival” (from 28 and 29 October): The festival in Tuoro sul Trasimeno is a vibrant celebration of extra virgin olive oil.

Second Weekend (4-5 November) 

  • Assisi with “UNTO in castles and territory” (4 and 5 November): Assisi continues to delight visitors with UNTO, offering the opportunity to explore the castles and the surrounding area, on a journey through the history and culture of oil. 
  • Giano dell’Umbria with “La Mangiaunta” (3, 4 and 5 November): Giano dell’Umbria invites visitors to experience “La Mangiaunta”, a festival that celebrates the unique flavors of Umbria. 
  • Gualdo Cattaneo with “Sapere di pane, Sapore di Olio” (4 and 5 November): This village celebrates the fusion between the tradition of bread and the taste of extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Trevi with “Festivol tra Olio Arte Musica e Papille” (4 and 5 November): Trevi offers a unique experience that combines art, music and the extraordinary flavors of extra virgin olive oil.

Third Weekend (11 – 12 November) 

  • Assisi with “UNTO in the castles and in the territory” (11 and 12 November): Assisi invites visitors to explore the castles and the surrounding area, immersing themselves in the history and culture of extra virgin olive oil. 
  • Bettona with “Bettona produces excellences Olio evo and not only” (11 November): Bettona showcases its excellence, with a particular attention to extra virgin olive oil and other local quality products. 
  • Campello sul Clitunno with “Festa dei Frantoi e dei Castelli” (12 November): The Castle of Acera in Campello sul Clitunno hosts an engaging party dedicated to the oil mills and castles of the region. 
  • Castel Ritaldi with “Frantotipico” (11 and 12 November): Castel Ritaldi becomes the “Land of Fairy Tales”, offering an authentic experience for EVO oil lovers. 
  • Magione with “Olivagando” (11 and 12 November): Magione turns into a paradise for oil lovers, offering tastings and immersive experiences to discover the world of extra virgin olive oil.

Fourth Weekend (18 – 19 November 2023) 

  • Assisi with “UNTO in castles and territory” (11 and 12 November): to delight visitors with UNTO, offering the opportunity to explore the castles and the surrounding area. 
  • Arrone with “Amor d’Olio” (18-19 November): Arrone celebrates the love for extra virgin olive oil, offering an authentic experience. 
  • Campello sul Clitunno with “Festa dei Frantoi e dei Castelli” (19 November): The Piazza della Bianca in Campello sul Clitunno hosts an interesting festival dedicated to the oil mills and castles of the region. 
  • Spello with “L’Oro di Spello – Festa dell’Olivo e Sagra della Bruschetta” (from 17 to 19 November): Spello celebrates the so-called “green gold” of the region with a festival dedicated to olive trees and bruschetta, offering an extraordinary culinary experience. 
  • Fifth Weekend (25-26 November 2023) 
  • Assisi with “UNTO in castles and territory” (26 November): Assisi continues with its UNTO, offering a journey through the history and culture of oil. 
  • Amelia in loc. Montecampano with “Il tour degli Olivi Giganti Patriarchi nel territorio Amerino Tipico” (26 November): Amelia offers the opportunity to explore the giant patriarchal olive trees, witnesses of the thousand-year history of olive growing. 
  • Spoleto with “Eat Enogastronomia a Teatro” (November 23 to 26): Spoleto celebrates food and wine with an engaging event that offers a theatrical culinary experience. 
  • Discovering the Umbrian EVO oil means knowing the key to the gastronomy of a unique region to visit all year round.

The novelties of the extra virgin olive oil festival 

Experts, curious and lovers of good food can immerse themselves in the world of extra virgin olive oil and taste a wide selection of oils produced by different farms.  

Not only tasting. During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to stroll through the olive groves and discover the villages of Umbria. The program also offers a rich variety of entertainment, including concerts among the olive trees, musical performances in the square, art exhibitions and bike rides. 

In addition to the main stages, this year Open Oil Mills is full of many other initiatives, among which we remember “The Great Ride Along the Olive Belt of Assisi – Spoleto Hills” (itinerary of oleotourism along the cycle paths to explore by bike and e-bike).

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In addition to the Grande Pedalata are the “Tour of the Giant Olive Trees Patriarchs in the Amerino Typical territory” (trip along the hill of olive trees Rajo di Montecampano in Amelia) and the “Trekking and fairy tales among the Olive trees” for children (which, thanks to the actress Loretta Bonamente, will tell stories about olive trees and oil and will bring participants to the circuit mills). 

Open Crushers: where to sleep ? 

During Open Oil Mills in Umbria, you can find different accommodation options in the various villages that meet different needs.  

They range from farmhouses that offer an authentic experience in the countryside to bed and breakfasts characterized by more intimate environments to hotels that offer comfort and services.  

Regardless of the choice, considering the wait that accompanies Open Oil Mills every year, it would be better to book in advance to make sure you have the best solution.

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