Marostica, the city of cherries 

Almost two kilometers of walls complete with battlements passages surround Marostica jewel among the jewels of the province of Vicenza in Veneto that hides inside an incredible atmosphere. 

The city is famous for the chess game where the living characters impersonate the pieces, moving on a giant chessboard in Chess Square. The more than 600 participants that surround the event make the event that takes place only in even years unforgettable.  

But there is much more to see and especially to enjoy in Marostica.


The cherries of Marostica 

If you love the wonders of nature remember that here you can admire the spectacle of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom takes place between the end of March and the beginning of April, when the whole landscape turns white. A magical spectacle, made even more precious by its short duration. Since the cherry tree has also conquered the surroundings of Marostica, it is possible to venture both apiedi and mountain biking on several very suggestive paths, such as:

  • the Cherry Path (10 km), from Marostica to Pianezze, passing through Roveredo Alto and San Luca; 
  • the Colceresa Trail (12 km), between Pianezze, Mason Vicentino and Molvena; 
  • Path of the Hills of San Benedetto (Marostica) up to the Church dedicated to Saint Agata and Apollonia (Marsan).


In 2001 the cherry of Marostica obtained the Protected Geographical Indication mark, the first in Italy, and the delicious fruit is celebrated with various events such as festivals and market exhibitions both in Marostica and in neighboring countries. 

  • the Marostica IGP Cherry Festival, which in 2024 will reach the goal of eighty editions; 
  • the Cherry Festival Sandra (Pianezze); 
  • the Cherry in Festa (Mason Vicentino). 
  • the traditional Cherry Blossom March on Easter Monday (Mason Vicentino); 
  • the new Cherry and Small Fruit Walk in June (Crosara); 
  • the Summer Festival in July and the Cherry IGP (the ‘Red Queen’).

In Marostica it is also possible to use the environmental hiking guides to create customized routes. 

What to see 

After a feast of cherries, there is nothing better than a walk to reach the Upper Castle that dominates the city walls from above. The best starting point is the Lower Castle, perfectly restored. Right in front of the Lower Castle there is a chess square with a large chessboard.  

Also near the chessboard stands the Doglione Palace, for four hundred years the seat of the Venetian government over the city. It is managed by the Italian Environmental Fund and therefore you can visit in spring and autumn on dedicated days. 

Not to be missed is also the church of Sant’Antonio Abate, which houses a precious sixteenth-century altarpiece: the sermon of Saint Paul at the Aeropago in Athens. Masterpiece of Jacopo da Ponte and his son Francesco, painters from Bassano del Grappa. 

Finally, the elegant Corso Mazzini, with its severe architecture softened by the many shops that make it one of the liveliest streets of the city.


What to eat in Marostica 

Hiking trails, folk festivals and good food, what more do you want? From bread to confit cherries to pizza ‘Testarossa’, white and with cherries, specialties to be discovered personally, there is something for everyone.  

The most popular dish, however, is the cherry risotto that can also be eaten near Piazza degli Scacchi. In the taverns of the square you can enjoy an aperitif enjoying an exceptional view. Always under the arcades those who prefer a bite to eat can enjoy the focaccia ‘Primavera’: with cherries, of course, there are cherries in the local version of American cocktail 

For those looking for gift ideas, a stop under the arcades is a must.  You can find anchovy pâté with cherries, a combination that is only apparently risky. The alternative is asparagus or radicchio.

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