Liguria by bike between sea and sky

Liguria hinterland, its silent landscapes suspended between sea and hills, the peaceful atmosphere of small villages surrounded by nature.

An easy itinerary to tackle by bicycle, which leads to the discovery of Sassello, its territory and its ancient culinary traditions. A ride in the relaxed environment of the Beigua Park, where man and nature are perfectly integrated, and where the panorama can sweep from the sea to the Alps in one fell swoop.

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Route description:

The loop itinerary is 31 km long, with departure and return in Sassello. From the town, take the SP 334 towards Acqui Terme, cross the hill in the locality of Montesoro and descend towards Maddalena. After crossing the Erro torrent, take the SP 216 which in 2 km reaches Miogliola, among woods, clearings and hills characterized by gullies.

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You then arrive in Mioglia, then heading towards Pontinvrea, which is accessed after passing the hamlet of Pian Bottello with ups and downs. After the town, at the next intersection in Giovo Ligure, take the SP334 on the left which, downhill, returns to Sassello, closing the ring.

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Technical Tips:

The route develops on smooth asphalted roads with little traffic; therefore, it does not require special training.

Beigua Regional Natural Park

Inside the Ligurian natural park it is possible to carry out a great variety of activities. There are, in fact, excursions and events organized to explore nature, but also cycle paths to discover the wonders of the park.

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For sports lovers, in the Beigua area there are six recommended and equipped routes for Nordic Walking. Excellent destination for mountain biking or road cycling too. But there are also areas equipped for climbing and bouldering. Trail running and jogging together with canyoning are evocative and electrifying. But there is also space for animal lovers, who will be able to experience horse riding and horse trekking. Finally, there is no shortage of perfect places to practice snorkeling, diving and surfing.

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Genoa, the vertical city

Nestled between the sea and the mountains and between the two Riviera di Liguria, Genoa offers its visitors a lot of entertainment, breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. The first thing to see in Genoa is the fishing village, which we would once have called the fishermen’s village, which is called Boccadasse which is located in the Albaro district. The second thing to see in Genoa is definitely the symbol of this city:  the Lantern, which served as a luminous reference for boats at night.

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During a trip to Genoa in the list of things to see we must include a trip to the Aquarium of Genoa, one of the main attractions of Genoa. The Aquarium covers a total area of 9,700 square meters which includes 39 tanks that house fish and reptiles in perfectly reconstructed habitats.

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Do not miss the tanks that house large mammals and turtles. After this excursion, the ideal is a walk near the old port where there are cafes, cinemas and some museums. So, after the eating break it is time for photos and what better place than the Castelletto Spianata? The ideal place to indulge in a little relaxation, let the children or your four-legged companion play.

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Another of the things to do is to taste the candied violet petals in Piazza Soziglia and the trenette with pesto in an excellent restaurant.

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