The Gulf of Tigullio, known area of the Ligurian Riviera

The Tigullio is among the most beautiful areas not only of Liguria and Italy, but of the whole world: it offers breathtaking views and views and includes world-famous tourist resorts, oasis of fun and tranquility. 

The region in which it is located, Liguria offers amazing landscapes, places and emotions at any time of the year: thanks to its mild climate and cultural heritage, Visitors can enjoy relaxing moments alternated with exciting guided tours, alone or in the company of friends and family.


The beaches and coves of the Gulf of Tigullio that turn into real paradises, create unique and unmistakable landscapes, characterized by green hills and cliffs overlooking the sea. 

The inner area, however, is rich in small villages (many of them among the most beautiful in Italy) and hills where you can go hiking and walking outdoors. There are also paths, perfect for hiking, as well as historic centers where you can go shopping and sit and enjoy the typical dishes of Liguria.  

There are two places to visit when you are in the Tigullio area: Lavagna and Sestri Levante. 


​​Lavagna is a city in the province of Genoa whose origins date back to pre-Roman times. It is a very popular resort for tourists especially in the summer, since it offers several super equipped beach facilities and its sea has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness.


Among the most characteristic places of Lavagna is the marina, the largest in the gulf, from which you can start in the direction of Portofino or Cinque Terre, but not only; here is what you can not miss in a perfect travel itinerary:  

The beach of Cavi di Lavagna 

The coast includes the beach of Cavi di Lavagna, among the most beautiful of the Ligurian Levant: it is about 4 kilometers long and consists of pebbles and sand. It consists of a real corner of paradise where you can sunbathe and relax in the shade of an umbrella.


The Basilica of Santo Stefano 

Walking through the streets of Lavagna is inevitable to arrive in Piazza Marconi, where you can admire the majestic Basilica of Santo Stefano, built on the remains of the fortress where the Fieschi family exercised the Consular Office.


The Basilica has a late Renaissance architecture with three naves enriched with marble, while inside it houses a wooden statue that, according to the few testimonies, was the figurehead of an ancient sailing ship.  

The Ravenna Palace and the Franzoni Palace 

Another building in Lavagna that deserves attention is undoubtedly the Palazzo Ravenna, seat of the municipal library and often location of exhibitions and events. Proceeding we arrive at Palazzo Franzoni, seat of the Municipality of Lavagna since the thirties.


The Tower of the Village 

To conclude in beauty, it is recommended to visit the Torre del Borgo, built by the Saracens to control the coast and defend it from enemy attacks. Today it houses the Art Gallery of Ardesia, which displays archaeological remains from all over the Tigullio.


Sestri Levante 

Among the last resorts at the eastern end of the Gulf of Tigullio is Sestri Levante, called “the city of the two seas” because of its geographical conformation: it has, in fact, a promontory (called Island) that extends over the sea through an isthmus, overlooking the town on two bays simultaneously, namely Baia del Silenzio and Baia delle Favole.


Spending a few days in Sestri Levante is an excellent opportunity to have fun, relax, discover places never seen before and enjoy the typical Ligurian dishes. Here are the steps you shouldn’t miss:  

The Bay of Silence 

The Baia del Silenzio is a small and charming fishing bay characterized by crystal clear water. Walking along its beach you can see, at a certain point, a statue overlooking the rock, very reminiscent of the famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen: it is, in fact, the Statue of the Fisherman by Leonardo Lustig, which gives the bay a charming and mysterious look.


The former Convent of the Annunciation 

At the end of the Bay of Silence, on the tip of the promontory, there is the former Convent of the Annunciation, which faces three sides directly on the sea. Built at the end of the fifteenth century by the Dominican Fathers, it was deconsecrated in the Napoleonic era and, after various changes and numerous changes of ownership, today belongs to the Municipality of Sestri Levante and is suitable as a location for concerts, exhibitions and events.


The Path of Punta Manara 

The Punta Manara Trail is perfect for all those who love hiking and hiking: to walk it takes about an hour, then get to the point of interest where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Meanwhile, along the way you can admire olive trees, oaks, pines, oaks and, of course, the sea.


The Medieval Church of San Nicolò dell’Isola 

The oldest building in Sestri Levante is the Medieval Church of San Nicolò dell’Isola, which stands on the promontory called, in fact, Isola, from 1151. Thanks to numerous restorations, today you can admire the church as it was originally. Surrounded by greenery, visiting it is really exciting.


The Rizzi Gallery 

The most important museum in the area is the Rizzi Gallery: it takes its name from the lawyer Rizzi who, upon his death, decided to leave his artistic and real estate heritage to the Italian State provided that all his collections remained inside his palace. So it was and, today, you can admire beautiful paintings made from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century.


The Bay of Fairy Tales 

Opposite Baia del Silenzio is Baia delle Favole: less picturesque than the first, but it is more modern and efficient in terms of bathing. Its equipped beaches and numerous clubs welcome many tourists every year during the summer season.


The Church of Santa Maria Immacolata 

Overlooking the Bay of Silence, the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata is simply beautiful: built at the end of the seventeenth century, it has long hosted the Capuchin friars. Inside there are several works of art, while from its terrace you can enjoy a truly unmissable panoramic view.



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