Visiting Italy at Easter: spend the Holy Week in Procida!

One of the most fascinating traditional Easter events in Italy


Easter in Italy is one of the most heartfelt holidays. During the Easter period you have the opportunity to visit it and discover the folklore traditions that concern the passion of Christ. In fact, there are many Easter traditions in Italy in different regions. Italian Traditions will guide you on the discovery of the week and the main traditions that take place in Italy. We will also talk about the famous Holy Week of Procida. In particular we will tell you about the religious celebrations that take place during the Easter period.

What is the Holy Week before Easter in Italy

During the Holy Week in Italian cities there are many popular fairs, religious rites, processions, festivals and local traditions that refer to the death of Christ. During this time of the year the events that characterized the last part of the life of Jesus are represented, like the Last Supper and the washing of the feet, the Transfer to the Garden of Gethsemane, the betrayal of Judah with the capture of Jesus, the trial, the Ordeal, the death of Jesus, the Deposition, the Burial and the Resurrection. These are the main Easter traditions in Italy.


In every Italian parish the evening of holy Thursday is dedicated to the eucharistic celebration with a visit to the “Sepolcri”, the altars of repose . The moment remembers the Last Supper. Good Friday is the day of mourning. when processions and via Crucis take place through the streets of Italian cities and make Easter in Italy an even more suggestive and spectacular event.

On Holy Saturday the bells at midnight announce the resurrection. This is a moment of great joy which precedes the Sunday. In fact, this day ends the long period of Lent which is celebrated by eating lamb, one of the most widespread Easter traditions in Italy. On this occasion chocolate eggs and cakes in the shape of a dove are also exchanged.

What is the Holy Week inProcida?

Procida is an island located in the Gulf of Naples. Here and on the island of Ischia every year celebrations concerning the ancient origins of Easter are held. One of the most folkloristic events in the area is the Angel race which takes place in Forio and dates back to 1600. This representation reproduces the moment of the encounter between the Madonna and the Risen Christ. The island of Procida is a destination not to be missed at this time of year. In fact, there are many festivals and traditional celebrations. The most beautiful and important processions take place on Thursday and Friday.

The Holy Week of Procida: The characteristic event of Easter in Italy

One of the most evocative Easter traditions in Italy is that of Procida concerning the celebrations of the Holy week. It starts on Thursday with a series of ceremonies organized by the Brotherhood of Bianchi. These consist in the Washing of the feet and the Last Supper. Followed by a suggestive procession of the hooded Apostles through the streets of Procida. Stopping along the way in the main churches of the island.


At 5 o’clock in the morning of Good Friday the Brotherhood of Turchini bring the statues of the dead Christ and the Madonna Addolorata from their usual place in the Church of St. Tommaso d’Aquino to the Abbey of St. Michael the Archangel located in the Terra Murata. From here the Procession of the Mysteries starts. These are magnificent floats of various sizes representing scenes of the Bible. On the evening of Good Friday, a torchlight procession between the dark streets of the city represents the Via Crucis. On this occasion the statue of the Dead Christ is restored to its original location.

Easter Holidays are the perfect time to visit Italy. In fact, the favorable weather and the mild temperatures allow for pleasant walks through the streets of the cities. There are also, many traditional events of ancient origin held in the various areas of Italy. If you want to find out what typical products are consumed in Italy in this period we suggest you read this article.

Now that you know all about the Easter traditions in Italy you just have to organize your next trip.

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