Fornelli, The country of seven towers


A small village situated in the province of Isernia, in Molise, Fornelli giace on a hill flow through to the Vandra creek, which flows into the Volturno, and on the Monte Cervaro. Its name is sto connect to the presence in the territory of furnaces for bricks or ovens for the working of metals. Excluding the buildings recently built, that extends outside of the historic center, the town-walls, together with the planning system that still reflects the original one, make it a very interesting village.

Probably, the hill on which stand the mother church titling to the Archangel Saint Micheal, suggests that it has seen the passage and the ruling of the Longobards. In the highest part of the village there is the baronial palace that repeats the system of the ancient Lombard castle. They are instead of the Norman and Angevin period the seven towers incorporated in the defensive walls. The main door of access to the historical center was equipped with a drawbridge that rose on the moat.

To see

Baronial palace – Built on the castle walls at the door of Umberto I square, it has two circular norman incorporated towers with the main façade.

Church of San Michele Arcangelo – It was consecrated in 1746. The recent tampering with the high cover to time nor has ruined the original shapes; they remain to see the statue of San Michele and three paintings of the eighteenth century recently restored.

Church of St. Peter the Martyr – In the square on which overlooks the church, is located the fountain dedicated to Summer, a copy of the sculpture that the French Le Mathurin Moreau presented to the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1855.

To taste

Legumes – There are cultivated legumes endangered along the river di Vandra

Oil – City of the oil, Fornelli is surrounded by olive trees and produces a fruity and light oil

Taccunell e fasciuel – A paste without eggs, cut into squares and seasoned with sautéed in olive oil, garlic and beans

Sciur c coccia – Zucchini flowers in batterfried

Casc’ e ova – Liver kid with eggs and cheese

Pastiera – A tart rice cooked in milk prepared at Easter time

Cecrchiata – Balls of sweet pastry with honey prepared at Christmas time

R sciusc – Bread dough and potatoes, fried and sprinkled with sugar

To enjoy

Giornate al borgo – The event celebrates the medieval tradition and takes place every year in August.

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