Expo for sport, an event dedicated to youth sport in Italy

Milan is ready to party: the eighth edition of Expo for the Sport will start in September, an event entirely dedicated to the promotion of youth sport with the collaboration of Humanitas Foundation for Research and Autogrill.

The planned activities will take place not only in the center, but also in the suburbs so as to give anyone the opportunity to practice the favorite sport and acquire knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle, based on very important moral principles such as sociality, inclusivity and sustainability.

Expo per lo sport

Registrations to the Summer School have been sold out: 500 participants can learn and have fun between Monday 5 and Friday 9 September in four different places in Milan, that is Arena Civica inside Parco Sempione, Bicocca Stadium, Centro Sportivo Olmi and Centro Sportivo Giuriati. In the meantime, it is still possible to book the activities of the Fuori Expo reported on the official website, as well as the access to the huge sports area that will be organized in Parco Sempione on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September.

The project

Born in 2015, Expo per lo Sport is the “son” of Expo which has as its main objective to sensitize the new generations to the love for sport by offering them a direct and personal experience. Thanks to the scheduled events, in fact, children and young people can experience passions and skills through play and fun, obviously adhering to the basic principles of sport: determination, team spirit, respect and commitment.

The project, in fact, brings with it a high and deep educational value, so much so as to collaborate every year with the local schools to which specific days are dedicated, usually on Thursday and Friday. The weekend, however, is totally intended for families who can have fun and meet great sports champions such as Javier Zanetti, Antonio Candreva, Tania Cagnotto, Filippo Tortu, Arianna Fontana and many others who will participate in the edition of Expo for Sport that is about to leave.

The activities

Even this year Expo for Sport has no intention of denying itself and has already planned a large number of activities to be proposed to all participants, young and old, from any area of Milan and Italy! To name a few:

  • mini basketball games and free throws organized by Kellogg Italia;
  • an area dedicated to the care of the environment in the company of cartoons most loved by children with Nickelodeon;
  • training and mixed tournaments with Milan and Inter;
  • >li>Five baseball performances, Blind baseball, batting practice and catch with the Italian Baseball Federation and Softball;
  • tennis lessons and short performances thanks to FITET – Italian Federation of Table Tennis;
  • multidisciplinary activities aimed at the promotion and knowledge of the Italian Federation of Paralympic Sports of Relational Intellectuals.

This and much more is what Expo 2022 has in store!


Sustainability and environment

Expo per lo Sport is undoubtedly the Milanese initiative that promotes sport among young people (and not only), but there is more: attention to the environment and its health is another key element of the event, since sport cannot exist without respect for the environment.

This is why, since its inception, Expo per lo Sport is committed to making its contribution in the field of environmental and social sustainability, trying in every way to be an example for all the boys and their families who decide to participate in the activities organized in Parco Sempione.

One of the mottos of the event, in fact, is: “Taking care of nature is not an option, but an obligation”. And it is not by chance that DNA Sport Consulting, in the organization phase, uses an ISO 2021 certified management system, a standard that regulates sustainable development precisely at sporting events.

Milano da bere

Iniziative ecosostenibili

Since love for nature is very important for Expo for Sport, there are several really interesting green initiatives and that, surely, will involve all the participants:

  • Road to Plastic Free: thanks to the partnership with MM Spa, which has been distributing water in Milan for several years, Expo per lo Sport will minimize the consumption of plastic bottles with the support of numerous “vedovelle” (fontanelle) scattered around Parco Sempione;
  • Generation Ocean: among the media partners there is also Nickelodeon, the television broadcasting brand that has been dealing with sustainability for several years now. Who doesn’t know Spongebob? Thanks to the nice cartoon, the brand has promoted the mission of protecting and safeguarding seas and oceans and, recently, has installed in the Old Port of Genoa a seabin, that is a floating basket to collect waste in the water;
  • Waste and Recycle: another hot topic is the correct disposal of waste, which Expo for Sport will put into practice with the support of AMSA; several ecological islands will be installed to facilitate the present to recycle the waste produced;

Sustainability and social

On the one hand, environmental sustainability, on the other, social sustainability: since 2015, Expo per lo Sport uses movement as an educational and educational means, trying to convey positive messages at the social level. And Fuori Expo was born for this very reason: through a close collaboration with the Milanese universities, it is intended to spread the culture and values of sport in a capillary way throughout the periphery, allowing anyone to practice sports completely free.

Also , the Summer School, that is the summer center for children, provides dislocated centers aimed at strengthening the concepts of cohesion, collaboration and solidarity. In particular, , the center aims to directly involve Ukrainian families already resident in Italy or arrived immediately after the outbreak of the war, using the support of the Humanitas Foundation for Research.

Expo per lo sport

How to participate

Anyone can participate in the eighth edition of Expo for Sport! Registration is very easy, just:

Moreover, this year there is a great news: thanks to the passasport of Zurich kids can try their hand at the sport they prefer, finish the path at the reference desk and receive a prize!

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