Etruscan Museum: a new goldmine of past art opens in Milan

The Etruscan Museum in Milan is scheduled to open in mid-2019 . The project is dreaming big and promises to be a remarkable success. The building that will house the new museum is Palazzo Bocconi and the main renovation and redevelopment works shall be completed in December 2018. Obviously, interior finishing works will take a few additional months. The museum, designed by architect Mario Cucinella, will propose itself to the Milanese public not only as a place of culture but as a possible gathering place, thanks to the bistro bar at the entrance, with an exclusive view of the internal gardens.

Etruscan Museum

Signed by the architect Mario Cucinella, the new Etruscan Museum in Milan funded by the Luigi Rovati Foundation (the famous founder of the Rottapharm-Madaus of Monza) is about to unveil its treasures to the public. The opening will take a little while longer, but it is scheduled for 2019. The building site to host the museum is located in the Bocconi-Rizzoli-Carraro building in Corso Venezia, and has restarted after a short stop due to the discovery of new archaeological excavations . By December 2018, however, the most challenging part of the project, namely the final laying of the concrete foundation, should finally be completed.

Details of the project: Etruscan Museum in Milan, the suspended building

When we talk about the final laying of the foundation we are talking about a key point in the success of the project, simply because, absurdly, the building is currently suspended in air, supported only by two poles and a massive steel structure. What’s underneath? A void. The excavations involved not only the small part of the pre-existing basement below the building (and originally intended for the construction of a small private cinema), but also a further floor. The downward work has been a real engineering challenge. By mid-2019 the spaces should be completely finished, including the exhibition spaces.

What will the Etruscan Museum be like?

The visitor, upon entering, will find himself in front of a huge library and a bistro with access to the building’s interior gardens. The idea is to recall the typical style of Milanese buildings, with an entrance that overlooks the inner courtyards, and to make the new Museo Etrusco in Milan a place not only to visit once in a while but a real meeting point for the whole city. Going down you will find yourself immersed in an almost “magical” atmosphere, with curved walls and dimmed lighting. The interiors were kept identical to those designed by the architect Perego in the ’70s, to allow the installation of works of art on a real structure, worthy of architectural respect. Once the works have been removed, the museum will not be the classic “white box” without any shape, but a building with a structure worthy of being admired.

The conference room and the library of the Etruscan Museum

The upper floor of the new Etruscan Museum in Milan will be occupied by a conference room, a specialized library and an exhibition hall. The latter will host the temporary exhibitions that from time to time will be considered most valid by the Museum’s management. There will also be a further floor, of which, however, the details and the main purpose of use have not yet been disclosed. The Etruscan Museum will not be a simple Italian museum but a place to cultivate its extremely open culture, a “hybrid” between antiquity and present.

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