Elba Island, paradise of marine and terrestrial fauna

The nature, the testimonies of past civilizations and the beaches have the rest of Elba Island one of the most popular destinations of our country. Let’s get to know her better.

Elba Island: where is it and how to get

The Island of Elba is one of the largest islands of the Tuscan archipelago and is located a few kilometers from the Piombino channel and the Corsica channel. For this reason it is easy to take from there a hydrofoil or one of the ferries to theElba Island.

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The proximity of the Island of Elba on the map to the coast of Livorno has made it the first privileged holiday destination for Tuscans and after destination of tourists from Italy and beyond. This island of the Tyrrhenian Sea is characterized by unspoilt nature, crystal clear blue water and sandy beaches, pebbles and rocks. It is not by chance that it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. 

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What is the most beautiful part of Elba Island? There is not a corner that is not worth visiting: tourists interested in history can visit the old town, the Napoleonic residence and the Medici fortresses of Portoferraio; those looking for relaxation can reach the beach of Ghiaie, the beach of Sansone or the beach Padulella; visitors looking for unique experiences can visit the Mining Park of Rio Marina.

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Elba Island: hotels, apartments, camping and where to sleep

The solutions to stay a few days on the ‘Elba Island are different: hotel, bed & breakfast and agriturismi. There are also solutions suitable for longer stays on the Island of Elba, that is apartments and villas for rent. Camping lovers can also choose one of the campsites of theElba Island overlooking the sea.

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What is the best area to stay on Elba Island? Among the most popular resorts there is Marina di Campo because families with children can reach the beach on foot and younger people can attend clubs and restaurants. 

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A journey to discover the cuisine of Elba

The journey to discover the ‘Elba Island is not complete if you do not enjoy the cuisine of Elba based mainly on seafood (e.g. seafood, anchovies and stockfish). Any examples? The riso with cuttlefish ink, the sardines stuffed, the stoccafisso alla riese or the cacciucco all’elbana. Among the unmissable sweets are the schiaccia briaca, the corollo, the schiacciunta , and the sportella. You can also try the DOC wine, such as Elba Bianco and Elba Procanico.

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What to see and do on Elba Island

Elba Island offers a wide range of activities. The hidden coves, the rocks of the north-western area and the beaches of the Elba Island are the protagonists with crystal clear waters and unique views, but you can admire them better by taking a boat ride.  

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The hinterland is full of settlements and paths to discover by participating in excursions. How many days does it take to visit Elba Island? The time is never too long, but three days is enough to explore it.

Elba Island: beaches for families

The Island of Elba boasts beaches equipped with inflatables and playground. For example in Marina di Campo, the beach is dotted with beaches and boasts a pine forest with a playground. Alternatively there is the beach of Lacona characterized by sand and shallow waters and equipped facilities.

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Elba Island: unmissable events

Visitors looking for events and parties will not be disappointed by theElba Island: the Walking Festival for nature lovers; the Grape Festival for good forks; The Napoleonic May for fans of history; the rally Scooter Rally for fans of wasps and scooters; the Musical Island of Europe for lovers of jazz and classical music.

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Elba Island for children

Elba Island is also child-friendly. The beaches are equipped with inflatables and play areas and activities for children are not lacking, such as excursions surrounded by nature and animal care paths.  

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More precisely in Lacona there is a playground with inflatables, an area for children and inflatables while in Marina di Campo there is also a playground and a track for mini electric cars. You can not miss a visit to the Aquarium of Elba in Segagnana.

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