Como, the charm of an Italian city on the lake

Located in the middle of Lombardy’s lakes, the enchanting Como, discovered and conquered by the Romans nearly two centuries Before Christ, it has always been attracting by tourists, artists and writers, called by its incredible natural scenery and also mesmerized by the sights of Alessandro Manzoni’s famous novel, “The Betrothed”.

 Its fame is undisputed in the Belpaese and abroad:  hollywood stars and celebrities choose this amazing Italian city on the lake  as a destination for their travels and real estate investments, the small picturesque villages that surround it, ancient villas, beaches and the opportunity to practice many water sports make Lake Como a popular choice amongst all kinds of tourists. The city center is located on the lakefront, around piazza del Duomo, one of the largest cathedrals in northern Italy. Remarkable are the churches of S. Abbondio and S. Fedele, heart of the walled city, and of great artistic value are also the rationalists palaces: the House of Fascism, the War Memorial and the Novocomum. Thereabout, we find the Volta Temple, which houses few relics of Como’s scientist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the electric battery. Villa Olmo is home to the high-level art exhibitions, while the funicular railway that connects the city to mountain Brunate completes the itinerary of the visit.

Classics are also boat trips on the lake. In Como prevail above all the flavors of the lake, but there’s no shortage to the rustic flavors of the mountains too, as well as the hilly delights. Mountains and hills are the guardians of the poor and genuine tradition which have their symbols in the “polenta taragna”, made with buckwheat, or in the “polenta vuncia”, topped with butter, garlic and cheese. A place of honor on the tables of the territory goes to the mixed fried of the lake, while among the most typical dishes of lake’s cuisine we find missoltini, or missultin, that are shads caught in May, sun-dried and preserved in layers, with bay tree leaves.

To taste the local cuisine, Como reserves you a unique location, the ancient tavern Crotto del Sergente, where you can take a dip into Como’s typicality among fish of the lake and selected meats. Amongst the dishes to try, we find “spaghetti alla chitarra” (guitar spaghetti) with spring onion, missoltino with its pouring and skewers with beef carpaccio rolled and grilled with bacon. For light taste paths sublimated from fine dining and elegant surroundings, you should definitely book a dinner at the starred restaurant I Tigli in Theoria, a nice surprise built in the walls of the medieval Bishop’s palace in the city center. Another must-see location is the Natta Cafè, where you can stop for lunch or a drink. A warm and cozy little place, just a few steps away from the Civic Picture Gallery, which opens itself in a 15th century context, with stone arches and a wooden ceiling with exposed beams.

After dinner, to satisfy your craving for sweetness, let groped by the varied proposals pastry Capriccio di Como, that churns out every days creations made with the attention and love “of a time”. For a good ice-cream, instead, head to one of the town’s best ice-cream shops, Gelateria Lariana.

The great tradition of hospitality is reflected in a large tourist accommodation and has a good level with prices to suit all budgets. We point out Hotel Borgo AnticoHotel Borgovico and the Metropole Suisse Hotel.

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