Comacchio, nature and gastronomy on the Po Delta

Comacchio is a charming and unique city, immersed in the unique nature of the Po Delta. This town is located in a particular position on the estuary of the major Italian river, for this reason it is characterized by the presence of canals and bridges that have made it famous as the small Venice.

Today it is also known for one of the most appreciated gastronomic products of this territory. It is precisely the eel that is prepared according to various recipes of traditional Emilian cuisine.

Comacchio is also very interesting for those who want to discover the nature and history of one of the most beautiful territories in Italy.

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What to see and do in Comacchio? 

Comacchio is the city of the province of Ferrara famous for its canals. The lagoon waters give this city a special charm: the colorful houses, bridges and canals that cross it give a magical atmosphere. One of the peculiarities of Comacchio is that it is located on 13 small islands.

Its historic center is characterized by the presence of many small alleys flanked by canals. One of the undisputed symbols of the city of Ferrara is undoubtedly the Pallotta Bridge built in 1638. This is the real entrance to the city as the canal leads directly to the Adriatic Sea.

Its imposing staircases are certainly one of the most interesting aspects of this structure. Another bridge not to be missed is the one called the Sbirri from which you can admire the best view of the town of Emilia.

One of the most interesting buildings is the Antica Manifattura dei Marinati where today there is an exhibition that leads visitors to discover the tradition of the area based on eel fishing. Inside these rooms the ancient method of processing eel has been restored.

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Comacchio, the nature of

For those who love to discover the wonder of nature Comacchio and the surrounding area are definitely the ideal destination. The territory is located in a unique position within the Po Delta Regional Park.

The Valli di Comacchio is the largest protected wetland in Italy with 12,000 hectares of lagoon. These are four valleys that are the Lido di Magnavacca, Fossa di Porto, Valle Campo and Fattibello. These are three quarters of brackish water.

This place is the habitat suitable for some particular animal species such as water birds. Here you can see over 320 species of birds, including herons and the famous pink flamingos.

The area is particularly suitable for cycling enthusiasts who can find here many paths that allow you to discover the charm of the valleys and salt pans of Comacchio.

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Itinerary to discover the traditional cuisine in the valleys of Comacchio

One of the ways to live and discover the territory of Comacchio is what concerns its flavors and its gastronomic excellence. In the Po Delta Park and the Lidi di Comacchio there are many itineraries that lead to the discovery of these excellences of the territory.

Eel is undoubtedly one of the main protagonists of the traditional cuisine of this area of Emilia-Romagna suspended between land and water. There are more than 48 different traditional recipes that concern the preparation of this local excellence.

In the areas of Comacchio, in fact, the eel finds its ideal habitat that allows it to reproduce and live in the best possible way. Among the most appreciated eel dishes is the risotto with grilled eel.

As for the other traditional dishes of the territory of Ferrara can not be forgotten the salama di sugo that is prepared with a secret recipe of pork, spices and red wine.

Another typical product of Ferrara is the pumpkin violin so called for its particular elongated shape. Truffle is also a typical product of these territories and is present in the Po Delta Park.

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Comacchio, where is he?

Comacchio is a small town in the province of Ferrara in Emilia-Romagna in the heart of the Po Delta Park. This town has an ancient history dating back more than 2000 years.

Throughout history the territory was governed first by Ravenna and then by the Duchy of Ferrara to return to the Papal States. One of the particular aspects is the fact that until 1821 Comacchio could only be reached by water.

Its appearance has meant that many define it as the little Venice. Today this area has become an important tourist center thanks to the discovery of the gastronomic tradition in particular eel.

Moreover, its proximity to the most important cities of the region such as Bologna Ravenna and Ferrare makes it ideal for those who love to discover the natural beauty of Emilia.

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