Collio Ribolla Gialla

Ribolla Gialla is a wine that comes from the vineyards of the hills of Friùli, in particular in Rosazzo, Udine and Gorizia. Ribolla Gialla Raiante derives its name from the word Raiade, which means ray of sun, to underline the importance the sun has in the good maturation of the grapes.

To produce this wine are used only Ribolla Gialla grapes, that are harvested by hand from the end of September and the beginning of October.

Treatment: after the separation of the stalks from the grapes (destemming) a part of the harvested grapes is left to rest in a fruit-dying room (or larder), and the other part is lightly pressed and ferments at a controlled temperature of nineteen or twenty degrees and put in steel tanks. After about a month the first part is put with the second, become must in fermentation.

Description: Collio Ribolla Gialla Raiante has a golden yellow colour, with green reflects. The smell is delicate with acacia flowers, tilia, chestnut and ripe yellow fruits (apples, pears). Taste is fresh, dry and full, long lasting and with plums aftertaste.

Complement: it matches well with starters, fish dishes, shellfishes and sea food.

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