Claudio Baglioni, one of the greatest Italian songwriters

One of the distinctive elements of Italy is music: this beautiful country has always been the home of many singers, musicians and songwriters who with their songs and the poetry of their lyrics have made millions and millions of people dreaming. Among the most famous and beloved artists there is Claudio Baglioni: let’s discover together some curiosities about the life of this famous musician!

Claudio Baglioni

Claudio Baglioni: from the “Festival degli sconosciuti” to international success

Claudio Enrico Paolo Baglioni was born in Rome on May 16, 1951: son of a seamstress and a marshal of the Carabinieri, since the early years of life he is passionate about music and literature.

When he was thirteen years old, the young Baglioni took part in a singing competition of new voices and the following year he won another competition, until he reached the finals of the “Festival degli sconosciuti” in Ariccia two years later.

Then a spark comes on in the young Claudio Baglioni: he realizes that the music is his greatest passion and it’s time to get serious and starts playing the guitar by himself, accompanied by the pieces of the great Fabrizio De André.

In 1966 Claudio Baglioni has his first big occasion: a real concert, inside a small theater in the outskirts of Rome.

It is precisely on that occasion that he makes himself known to the public and begins to earn some money with his new job: the musician.

Then he began to compose the first songs and quickly came his first record deal with RCA, a contract that will last for five years. Unfortunately, Claudio Baglioni’s first album is not so successful that it was withdrawn after a few months: the young artist, however, does not let himself be discouraged and continues to work hard to realize his dream.

In 1971 he finally manages to have the deserved success: the new album is in fact quite successful and the following year releases a third one. The latter contains one of the singer’s most famous songs, a song that has become one of the most famous in the history of Italian music, “Questo piccolo grande amore”.

Thanks to this album the young artist climbs the charts and sells more than 900,000 copies: the song from which the album takes its name several years later will also be awarded to Sanremo as Italian Song of the Century.

From that moment on it is possible to talk about a real “Baglioni Phenomenon“: the following years his songs are a huge success, both national and international, reaching the release of more than 20 albums and many singles loved by audiences of all ages.

Quando ci schieravamo con Claudio Baglioni o Antonello Venditti - la  Repubblica

Always something new: the “Capitani Coraggiosi” project and Sanremo festival

Claudio Baglioni, despite the great success obtained has never stopped: in 2015 in fact begins the project “Capitani Coraggiosi” a collaboration with the well-known musician Gianni Morandi. 

The project was born almost by chance, after a series of photographs posted together on social media that in a short time turn into a fruitful and important collaboration: in fact, they organised a tour, recorded a single, a radio broadcast and even a television show.

The concerts of the two artists are a real success: the experience of Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi combined with a youthful and fascinating spirit, are a breach in the heart of many fans.

Three years later, Claudio Baglioni is chosen as artistic director and conductor of the Festival of Italian Music that takes place every year in Sanremo: together with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino, the sixty-eighth edition of the Festival has a huge success, so much so that he was reappointed for the role the following year.

Sanremo, promossi Hunziker e Favino, ma manca la vivacità | Wired Italia

Some curiosities 

As you may have understood, the life of Claudio Baglioni is very interesting and shows how with perseverance and talent you can achieve your dreams: in this regard you will definitely like to have some more details and some curiosity about the famous artist.

First of all, the famous song “Questo piccolo grande amore” was dedicated to Paola Massari, musician with whom Baglioni has had a strong relationship for 35 years. A curiosity linked to this song is that, although he is one of the musician’s horses of battle, he himself has stated more than once that he no longer tolerates singing it.

The song “Avrai” instead was composed for his son Giovanni, who revolutionized the life of the singer and who decided to express his happiness to the public and his different vision of things after such an important event.

One of the most interesting statements of Claudio Baglioni concerns his youth: he stated that during his adolescence he thought several times of wanting to become a priest and that he would like to spend the last years of his life in a convent, in the peace and tranquility of a “protected” environment.

Among other surprising things related to the life of Baglioni is that, despite the musical career has realized another dream: he graduated in the early 2000s in Architecture, at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome.

Perhaps this is the key to the success of Claudio Baglioni: the tenacity, passion and versatility that make everything that makes engaging and exciting for the audience that often recognizes the situations and characters described by his songs.

Who can claim to have never sung at the top of his lungs, perhaps in the car, one of the famous songs by Baglioni?

“Sometimes more than a new world, you need new eyes to look at the world.”

Claudio Baglioni figlio, "Avrai" in una famosa serie TV

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