Cinque Terre National Park


In the northwest of the most beautiful peninsula in the world, between the Piedmont Alps, the vast Po Valley and the rolling hills of central Italy, it stretches out to the sea one of the most culturally rich region of the Belpaese. We are talking about Liguria, a lush strip of land that stretches from Tuscany to reach the French border, rich in history and incredible natural beauties.

One of the most significant is certainly the Cinque Terre area, a jagged coastline of the Riviera di Levante in which there are five villages or, as they were formerly called, lands that constitute one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the entire peninsula. Over the centuries the natural hilly territory has been softened by the many terraces for agriculture that stand out above the sea, while in the natural indentations of the coast have grown the typical Ligurian villages, so inaccessible that seem to be born from the rocks.

Precisely for the harmonious interaction settled between man and nature, and to protect and preserve this great natural and cultural heritage, in 1999 was established the Cinque Terre National Park, a protected area unique in its kind. It is the only homegrown National Park aimed at the protection of a humanized landscape and it includes, among other things, the preservation of the dry wall system supporting the cultivated terraces overlooking the sea.

The climate is typically Mediterranean with dry summers and mild winters, and there are numerous microclimates often different from each other that they have created a huge variety of landscapes, which includes typical tree species such as thyme, helichrysum and rosemary, but also pines, cork oaks and chestnut trees. Various animal species have also found here a favorable environment for the settlement; in this area it is possible to admire gulls, hawks, crows, snakes, badgers, weasels, moles, dormice, foxes and wild boars. In addition, the Cinque Terre Park has two scenic coastal paths that can take your breath away: they are old mule tracks that linger on for the entire length of the coast, opening on the Ligurian endless horizon and its fiery sunsets. A unique coastal environment including nature, medieval villages, sanctuaries, cuisine and local traditions, as well as a marine reserve valuable and extremely rich, that make this park another treasure Made in Italy.

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