Cassinetta di Lugagnano, The village of noble residences


Situated on the opposite rivers of the Naviglio Grande, Cassinetta and Lugano are linked with a bridge. In ancient times, the two residential areas were divided. Located on the right river of the Naviglio, Lugagnano, whose name probably originated from Lucananius, an adjective which refers to the proper name Lucanius, is a village of Roman origin. Cassinetta got its name from the fourteenth-century Cassina Biraga founded by Maffiolo Birago, master of the Ducal Chamber of Filippo Maria Visconti, Duke of Milan.

The heritage of the country is represented from the noble residences belonged to the most aristocratic famiglie of Milan. They are called “building home”, and they were used by its owners as dwellings for resort. We remember Villa Negri, the first historical dwelling you meet on the Naviglio, villa Birago Clari Monzini, the oldest and biggest dwelling on the right river, and villa Cattaneo Krentzling, an house surrounded by a protective wall. It stands on the river of the Naviglio beyond villa Visconti Maineri. Near the bridge it appears the neoclassical villa Visconti Castiglione Maineri.

To see

Parish Church of Sant’Antonio Abate – Built in 1435, the church was restored in 1731 with the construction of a bell tower and the decoration of the interiors.

Oratory of St. Joseph – Built in the first half of the eighteenth century by the architect Carlo Federico Castiglioni for his house in Cassinetta.

Oratory of St. Carl – Built in 1954, it is placed near the church.

Statue of San Carlo Borromeo – It was built in 1749 to remember his short break in the village in 1584: he was sick and he stopped here while he was sailing on the Naviglio Grande directed to Milan, where he died shortly afterwards.

To taste

Gorgonzola cheese – A veined blue cheese made from unskimmed cow’s milk

Carnaroli rice – A short-grain rice used primarily to make risotto

To enjoy

Patron Saint’s Festival – It takes place in the second sunday of September

Wildboar Festival – September

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