Cingoli, the balcony of the Marche region

Laid down on the top of Circe’s Mountain, Cingoli is located in the province of Macerata, Marche. It is called “The balcony of Marche” for his panoramic position on the territory of the region. The name derives from the Latin Cingulum that means “rocky”, “terrace that sticks out the side of a mountain.” The homogeneity of the urban pattern corresponds to a great environmental cohesiveness; in fact, the district, whose climate is salubrious, is located in a landscape where the human and nature forces are perfectly combined.

Entering the old centre of Cingoli, what it strikes is the combination of the warm colors of façades with austerity of stone Renaissance portals; there is a peculiar calm and timeless atmosphere. The village offers to visitors glimpses of great scenic and emotional impact. The heart of the village is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, on which The City Hall and the Cathedral overlook.

To see

Witches alley – According to the legend, it is a crossroads where witches used to meet.

City Hall – It hosts now the important Public Archeological Museum where it is possible to see prehistoric and Roman materials rediscovered in the public area.

Cathedral – Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, it is located on the site occupied until 1615 by the small church of San Salvatore.

Church of San Filippo Neri – It was built in Baroque style on the ruins of the old pieve of Santa Maria by Fathers of the Oratory of San Filippo Neri, who became the owners in 1664.

Polisena quarter – It is the oldest quarter of the city, with its steep narrow streets paved with irregular stones and not plastered country cottages.

Sanctuary of Santa Sperandia – It preserves the body of the saint, a Benedictine nun born in Gubbio and died in Cingoli in 1276.

To taste

Extra-virgin olive oil – The oil produced at Troviggiano is excellent.

Celeries of good quality

Parmigiana with cardoons

Gnocchi with duck

To enjoy

Mushrooms and Truffles Festival – It takes place every year in October.

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