Camper van Cooking, Tips for a Perfect Barbecue


Spending a beautiful Sunday in campers sometimes coincides with the desire to make a picnic of steak and grilled sausage, but sometimes the result is expressed in a piece of charred flesh. To achieve a good grilled mixed meat it is generally best to use the best types of meat! Italian Traditions offers a comprehensive guide to the perfect barbecue.

Which meat can you choose?

The beef is by far the best meat on the grill to do, because very suitable for high temperature and it allows an optimal cooking. The most popular cuts are those of the typical Italian cuisine, as the classic Florentine steak or tagliata. Yummy and very tender is also the thread. You cannot talk about grilled, though, if there isn’t at least a piece of pig roast! Rely on the ribs to make happy the whole group: the result is optimal. Remember that the secret to a tasty meat is the fat: if you choose lean pork, once cooked it will be little stringy, tough and not very flavorful.

Choose the right fuel for your grill

If you have a portable barbecue or masonry, the first choice to be made is the type of fuel. If you opt for wood it is good to know that coniferous logs are good exclusively at the initial stage, to set the fire. The olive wood is used to cook the fish and lamb, cherry wood goes well with red meat, while the oak one goes with everything. If you use charcoal, you will need to lay a layer of approximately 5 cm high on the bottom.

The perfect cooking of meat

You can start cooking when the flames are extinguished and the charcoal will become ardent, will no longer be black but red and covered with dead ashes. It will take about 40 minutes, during which you will be able to improve combustion winding on the barbecue. It is important to wait for the right time before placing the food on the grill because if the temperature is too high, the firing will not be uniform. To keep the meat soft and prevent it from drying out you can marinate a few hours before cooking in a mixture of oil, vinegar or wine, herbs or spices, salt, pepper and garlic, if you like. After you have finished cooking it is better not to extinguish the fire with water because it could ruin the BBQ, better wait for the fuel to be consumed naturally.

Where to by high quality meat

For the purchase of the meat, if you find yourself in Tuscany, definitely worth a stop the Macelleria Artigianale Savigni, located in Pavana, in the province of Pistoia. The company produces a range of high quality products such as organic salami and ham salami, Cinta Senese dried sausages, finocchiona (a typical Tuscan salami), lonzino and the Cinta Senese cured lard. In Piedmont, however, precisely in Turin, the Macelleria Griglio is the temple for all grilled meat lovers. The bench is stocked with all kinds of meat, carefully selected and 100% of Piedmont: sausages, meat skewers, steaks, ribs and rib-eye steaks. In southern Italy, in Bari, we recommend the Antica Macelleria Lassandro that, for more than 200 years, produces excellent meat and cold cuts, to taste and to bring to the table every day. Butcher, grill restaurant and delicatessen, here you will find everything you could wish for!


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