The best three Restaurants on the Mediterranean Sea


Here’s where to discover traditional cuisine by the sea

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most appreciated as it is healthy and particularly tasty. The tradition linked to the preparation of seafood dishes is very interesting. Italian Traditions will lead you on the discovery of the best restaurants on the Mediterranean Sea where you can taste traditional recipes related to seaside resorts. We will also explain what this type of cuisine consists of and its origin.

Traditional seafood cuisine

Many of the restaurants on the Mediterranean offer a type of traditional cuisine linked to local products of the territory of origin. This happens in particular with seafood dishes. The best restaurants that rely on tradition and expertise, do offer the highest quality fresh fish, almost always bought directly from local fishermen. Out of the many different species of fish offered by the Mediterranean Sea, the ones served are carefully selected from what is available locally. The restaurateurs are very careful in serving customers fresh and high quality products, especially in the case of seafood. The careful selection of raw materials is the first essential step to the success of a perfect dish.

The origins

That’s not all, the origins of Mediterranean cuisine are very old and moreover its development has kept pace with that of agriculture. This has allowed the people overlooking the Mediterranean to grow fruit and raise livestock. This has also determined the sedentary lifestyle of these areas. The cultivation of many varieties of vegetables is favored by the mild and favorable climate typical of the Mediterranean coasts. Furthermore, navigation has allowed the exchange of products with other people. These have become a part of the traditional food of the area.


Where to find the best restaurants

In order to find the best restaurants on the Mediterranean in our country you are definitely spoiled for choice, in fact there are many places which are attractive for their gastronomic offer and for their natural beauties. The ones we here want to tell you about are in these three regions:

  • Liguria
  • Campania
  • Puglia.


Three restaurants you shouldn’t miss

In short, the first is located in the village of Bergeggi, a Ligurian town overlooking the sea. The second is located in Maiori in the province of Salerno. The third is located in Puglia and more precisely in Polignano a Mare.

1.Let’s start with the Ligurian one called Ristorante da Claudio. The chef is Claudio Pasquarelli and his daughter Lara, pastry chef and chef also works with him. They propose a regional cuisine and fish products of the highest quality. One of the most interesting specialties are shellfish from the nearby markets of Savona and Oneglia.



2.In the province of Salerno, the small town of Maiori is home to the starred restaurant Faro di Capo d’Orso, with a window overlooking the sea with a breathtaking view. It offers a traditional cuisine with both land and sea dishes, all based on local produce.



3. A very suggestive place is also the last location we want to introduce to you: the Grotta Palazzese of Polignano a Mare, with its particular location in a cave overlooking the sea. This makes for an impressive atmosphere. It is one of the places with the most spectacular views in the world. The menu is traditional and in particular presents a very interesting fish cuisine.

Consider that the Italian peninsula offers many places that overlook the Mediterranean Sea where you can discover the dishes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and where you will discover all the riches that the sea can offer. If you want to know more about other fascinating places we recommend reading this article too. Now that you know the best restaurants on the Mediterranean you just have to try them.

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