The best Italian Easter recipes

The Italian Easter Recipes are able to meet the tastes of almost anyone. From the point of view of food and wine Italy is in fact a very rich country, which is why on the occasion of the Easter celebrations you can come across recipes (variable from region in region) ranging from sweet to savoury, from cold to hot, from rustic to refined. The Easter desserts resemble each other a little, although their names change from region to region and present many variants. The main and second courses, on the other hand, have substantial differences as we move down the country.

Italian Easter recipes: a triumph of goodness. Center, South and Islands

The Italian Easter recipes are many: the Italian tradition is in fact rich in culinary culture and typical recipes. The recipes of the tradition vary from region to region in a remarkable way. There are some desserts, some first and second dishes that can be considered typical all over the country, but for all the others we are dealing with recipes closely related to their places of provenance. We have decided here to give you a brief review of the Italian Easter recipes divided by region. In this first part we will talk about the recipes of the central South, south and Islands.

The Italian Easter recipes of the central south


Capra alla Nertese

Among the Italian Easter recipes of the central south are those of Abruzzo, Molise, Lazio and Campania. The most representative recipes of Abruzzo are the Goat neretese (cooked in tomato sauce and served with fried peppers) and the Fiadone Abruzzese, a very thin pastry stuffed with eggs, cheese and spices and prepared in different shapes, as a large pie or single-portion ravioli.

The typical Easter recipes of Molise are the chicory ricamata (chicory cooked in chicken broth and served with abundant grated cheese) and the Cocorozzo, a doughnut-shaped cake enriched with flavours such as anise, cinnamon and raisins.


Abbacchio Scottadito

In Lazio It is customary to prepare the lamb a scottadito, (finger burning) that is barbecued lamb ribs served piping hot.ricette-pasqua


In Campania the Pastiera and the Casatiello reign undisputed. The first is a kind of tart filled with ricotta cream, while the second is a rustic cake filled with meats and cheeses.

The Italian Easter recipes of the South


Credits: Impastando a quattro mani

Among the Italian Easter recipes of southern Italy are those of Basilicata, Puglia and Calabria. The Italian Easter Recipes typical of Basilicata and Calabria are the Piccillato and the Cudduraci. Cudduraci are twisted crumbly shortcrust biscuits, enriched with coloured sugar sprinkles. The Piccillato is a donut with fresh almonds and decorated with boiled eggs.


Agnello in Pasta di Mandorle

As far as Apulia is concerned, the typical recipes of Easter are lamb in almond paste and the Tieddha. The Lamb in almond paste is a mixture of marzipan which is given the shape of a lamb, often filled with chocolate. Tieddha is, similar to the Spanish paella, a pan with rice, potatoes, mussels and many other ingredients, from tomato to onion, and even breadcrumbs.

The Easter recipes of the Italian islands


Impanata Pasquale Ragusana
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The main Italian islands, namely Sicily and Sardinia, have an incomparable culinary culture. They both are lands rich in history and still very much related to tradition. Therefore, you can easily come across a wide variety of Easter recipes unique in their kind. In Sicily the Lamb alla Messinese reigns (baked and delicious) and l’impanata pasquale ragusana, a sort of stuffed focaccia.



Sardinia’s Easter recipes are Padrulas and Piricchitus. The Padrulas are pretzels stuffed with ricotta cheese and served with honey and orange, while Pirricchitus are shortbread cakes covered with lemon glaze.

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