The beautiful Baia del Mulino d’acqua in Puglia

Puglia is a region to be discovered even if today we will focus on the Baia del Mulino d’acqua, in Otranto. This is located in the sub-region of Salento, known and appreciated not only in Italy but by tourists from all over the world who, every year, rush here to spend their holidays.


As it happens for other areas of the heel of the boot: in fact, both the Adriatic side and the part that overlooks the Ionian Sea, preserve precious unspoiled places, nature shows and breathtaking beaches. Without forgetting the Gargano area, in the upper part of Puglia: in short, to visit it all, not just a single holiday!

The Bay of the White Mill in Otranto

Those who choose to take their holidays in Puglia, most likely is a lover of the sea and untouched nature, so exploring the Apulian coast will definitely be among its priorities. And if your holiday is in Salento, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the wonderful Baia del Mulino d’acqua. The bay owes its name to the mill that once stood right there and worked through the power of water.

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The Baia del Mulino d’acqua is located a few kilometers from Otranto and, even today, is one of the least known places especially for tourists despite being one of the most beautiful beaches to see in the area. Not just any beach, but rather a wonderful little corner of paradise made of white sand, crystal clear waters and emerald backdrops.

The location of the beach is certainly one of its peculiarities: the Baia del Mulino d’acqua is located below a cliff, embraced by rocks that shelter it from the winds creating a protected environment where you can relax completely. The cliff that frames the beautiful bay includes four caves, three of which are connected by a tunnel: it will be very easy to visit the Hermit Cave, The Cave of the Nun and the Rock of Sapunerò swimming through the channel that joins them.

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The fourth cave, the only one not connected to the others, is the Cave Broken: it is not accessible by land for safety reasons, since the ground is slowly consuming; however you can visit by sea by swimming, by kayak or by boat.

How to reach the Water Mill Bay

Are you planning your next holiday in Salento? Well, then you can not miss a visit to the Baia del Mulino d’acqua: here you can enter the wildest and unspoilt nature of Salento and live a unique and exciting experience.

Sognatrice Errante

Now then take paper and pen: we explain how to reach the beautiful Baia del Mulino d’acqua. You have two possibilities to reach it: the first option is to walk on the walkway that will take you directly to the Bay. However, to reach the beach in this way, you should be a guest of the campsite where the walkway is located.

The second way to reach the Baia del Mulino d’acqua is via the sea: if you have a boat will be very easy but, if you don’t have one, in the area they organize many guided tours by sea.

The uncontaminated nature in Salento: Baia del Mulino d’acqua

Puglia is home to the true jewels of the Italian natural heritage and is the perfect destination for those who appreciate the purest and unaltered nature. Besides the Baia del Mulino d’acqua, which you should definitely visit, in the area of Salento there are many other treasures to discover. The most beautiful, certainly, are the less known and less touristy places: a hidden Salento that will remain in your heart forever.

For example, there are some beaches that are ranked among the most beautiful in Puglia (and also throughout Italy!) but are still little known to tourists and frequented mostly by locals. Among these, we mention the beach of Torre Uluzzo: a bay where nature is wild, almost primordial and where you will be surrounded by a green and lush nature. A little frequented beach, where privacy and relaxation are assured.

Santa Maria del Bagno

In addition to the beaches, Salento offers other attractions, little known and not very popular but worth visiting. Such as, for example, the Hermitage of Vincent, in the middle of the countryside of Guagnano: a silent place, where time flows slowly, created by the will of Vincent Brunetti, eclectic artist known as the Dragonfly of the South. In this colorful and quiet place, you can admire a singular building, more unique than rare, immersed in the Salento countryside.

Viaggi Fuori rotta

In short, it is now clear: Puglia is a point of pride for all boot, a region that embraces nature in all its wonderful forms. And, the Salento, is the perfect destination for those who are looking for a connection with the purest nature, relaxation and love to explore beaches and bays. But Salento is also much more: fun, art and nightlife.

In Salento, everyone can choose to do the type of holiday they prefer. And to stay the offer is very rich: hotels, luxury hotels, houses and apartments, bed & breakfast, villages and resorts. But if you want an even more authentic experience, do not give up spending a night in a real masseria salentina.

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