Acqua di Parma, The Essence of the Belpaese

If you find yourself wandering the charming streets of the Eternal City, certainly you should visit the Staircase of the Trinità dei Monti, beyond which opens the magnificent Piazza di Spagna, one of the many historical heart of Rome and heritage of the whole Italy, as well as home of several high fashion and crafts boutique. Among these, just off the ancient steps you will find yourself next to the magnificent store of Acqua di Parma, 130 square meters of pure elegance, where everything, from lights to furniture coatings, has been selected with the utmost care, in order to bear witness to the great tradition of craftsmanship that characterizes the brand.

It all started in 1916, in a small laboratory of essences in the heart of Parma, the small “capital” of culture and aristocracy at the time, when a group of skilled master perfumers gave birth to a new fragrance, unusually fresh and modern compared to strong scents of German origin, popular at the time. Thus it was born the first real Colonia of Italy, expressing a new sensibility thanks to the purity of his recipe (which remains unchanged today) and its ingredients, all completely natural.

It becomes very popular in the ’30s, thanks to the creation of the iconic bottle in “Art Deco” style, the brand in the decades arrives at the imposing international success as “the unmistakable scent of Italian style and elegance”.

This is mainly thanks to Hollywood stars who, called in Italy by the great masters of our neo-realist cinema, discovered the Eau di Colonia in refined artisan tailors. In the 1960s, while changing trends in the world of fragrances, Acqua di Parma continues to exert its appeal on an audience of connoisseurs, becoming an exclusive fragrance of high society. In 1993 Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Diego Della Valle decided to invest in the brand, united by the desire to preserve an ancient Italian tradition. So begins a rapid ascent that in a few years will bring the brand in the most exclusive fashion streets around the world.

Meanwhile, the success of the colony leads to the launch of a wide range of products under the brand Acqua di Parma, all faithful to the characteristics that over the years had made it a synonym of Italian refinement. New product lines such as the first women’s fragrance, perfume, the Blu Mediterraneo line, refined objects for the home of high-quality leather  are launched.

In fact, despite its lines continue to be produced strictly made in Italy, today the brand enjoys high international reputation (distributed in 36 countries around the world) and continues to translate its values ​​into new proposals, expressing a concept of discrete luxury, always lived in a personal way, that blends traditional and contemporary. The selection of materials, attention to detail, precious manufacturing, refinement of hand finishing second craft traditions that are perpetuated for centuries and come to life in a modern way.

Luxury and craftsmanship, quality and passion are cornerstones of Italian style of which Acqua di Parma is great spokesman in the world.
Featured image:  Acqua di Parma
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