5 agritourisms between the Basilicata and Molise region

It ‘s true the saying “good things come in small packages”. Yes, because although the regions of Basilicata and Molise possess fairly narrow extension geographically speaking, they have a strong potential in terms of territory, climate and environment. For years these wonderful lands were valued by many entrepreneurs, who have raised them in some of the most beautiful of the south coast. Italian Traditions presents you 5 of the most interesting agritourisms of these precious jewels of southern Italy.

Masseria Straziuso – La Vaccariccia (Potenza)

In Basilicata, in San Chirico Nuovo, in the province of Potenza, there is the Masseria Straziuso called also “La Vaccariccia“, a recently fully renovated mansion in a contemporary but at the same time rural style. The bucolic style refers to the tradition and architecture of the companies that have existed for years in this lovely area. The agritourism cares with a strong passion about its customers which here has the unique opportunity to consume cereals, meat and genuine cheese produced by the agritourism. Fans of pets, sports and not only, can participate in riding lessons offered by qualified instructors of the Vaccariccia. The agritourism is located near the city of stones, Matera, easily visited in one day. (Find out more in our article)

Masseria Cardillo (Matera)

Immersed in the area of ​​Bernalda, the agricultural complex is lucky enough to develop into an exciting place in terms of archaeological and landscape, not far from the Ionian Sea. Main strength of the structure is the limited number of rooms and large outdoor spaces that the agritourism will make available, ensuring a deep quiet. The spirit of this agritourism  in fact leverages the extreme hospitality and intimacy of its rooms. In the kitchen there are plenty of typical dishes of the Lucania land tradition, away from the industrial processing of food. They are created with the workmanship of excellent raw materials produced zero kilometer, the company reason to boast. The Graziadei family, owner of Masseria Cardillo, for this reason has chosen a local chef who can make the most of the flavors of these lands.

Agriturismo Colle Bianco (Campobasso)

Located in Mafalda, in the province of Campobasso, the agritourism Colle Bianco boasts stunning views on the Majella and the San Salvo Gulf. Specializing in themed dinners, festivities and folkloric dances, Colle Bianco accompanies every event with the flavors of Molise. The choice of ingredients is dictated by a traditional taste that takes account of the seasonal harvests. These dishes will remind you the atmosphere of the celebrations, the evenings spent with family and friends at home. Conviviality, friendship and cordiality are the “must” offered daily by the property. The agritourism Colle Bianco is the place where reigns the simplicity and authenticity of feelings and shared values.

Agriturismo Le Matinelle (Matera)

If you are passing through the urban area of ​​Matera, you can not not make a stop at the agritourism Le Matinelle, born in 2004 as an educational agritourism project, offering an awareness campaign, also addressed to primary schools to knowledge of the local area. The appearance of the structure is reminiscent of the typical materanesi houses. The original space however has been modified:  where there was a stable, now there are 17 beds, furnished with rustic furniture, privileging local crafts. The Matinelle agritourism meets the needs of all customers, since the environments of the agritourism are also fully accessible by the disabled. The availability of products the agritourism chooses the best contacts among local producers, focusing on quality and typicality.

Il Tratturo (Isernia)

“Passion and style of life, love for the Earth and its Cultural Traditions are the invisible architectures, founding of our reality of agritourism and rural hospitality” these are the words with which the “Il Tratturo” owners describe their philosophy of their company. The agrtourism is located in the high Molise, halfway between Carovilli and Roccasicura in the province of Isernia. We are faced with an example of a company in which the passion for their work is founded with a passion for the ‘hospitality and respect for the balance of nature. Il Tratturo welcomes you in a stone manor house whose rooms, all with private services, has the look over the valley below. Choosing an entirely traditional cuisine, Il Tratturo processes only fresh food, day by day.

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