Masseria Straziuso – La Vaccariccia: a beautiful place near Potenza


In Basilicata, in the town of ancient origins San Chirico Nuovo, in the province of Potenza is located the Masseria Straziuso, also called “La Vaccariccia“, a mansion completely renovated last December. The curious name refers to the jargon with which the inhabitants of the village called the old structure where the grandfather Beniamino bred Podolica cows. The Vaccariccia develops in the multi-functional business, by the initiative of Beniamino Straziuso and his wife, who works as an architect.

From the union of their ideas was born this activity that fits with their lifestyle devoted to nature, agriculture and breeding of cattle and dairy cows. This agritourism cares with a strong passion its clients, who here hass the’ opportunity to consume cereals, meat and genuine cheese produced inside the agritourism. Rich of walnut groves and olive trees, the agritourism offers the experience of tasting the olive oil and fruit entirely of local production. The Straziuso family will host you in a completely renovated historic structure in a contemporary and at the same time country style. The bucolic style refers to the tradition and architecture of the companies that have existed for years in this area.

If you are looking for total relaxation that only a green landscape, away from the busy city, you can give, La Vaccariccia is just for you. In the days of stay at this lovely agritourism you can experience the full intimacy with nature, in a setting of absolute quiet. La Vaccariccia devotes its guests laboratories in the field, also aimed to school groups, designed to raise awareness of the techniques of breeding of horses and cows, confirming how it can be possible to learn without sacrificing fun. For animal and sports enthusiasts, there are plenty western riding lessons, offered by qualified instructors and experts from Team Penning, Ranch Sorting and Roping. If you are provided with sneakers, Italian Traditions recommend not miss the chance to go hiking, jogging and long walks in the middle of the fantastic nature of Lucania.

Similar to small domestic havens, an unforgettable experience of your stay, the rooms of this mansion have all views of the vast valley, designed with a careful minimalistic design, built with recycled materials, wood and tuff. Refined, comfortable and cozy, the decor does not neglect the 360 ​​° comfort and eco-friendly philosophy. All rooms are in fact bioclimatizzated, to ensure guests a cool temperature in summer and warm winter.

One of the smallest region in Italy, Basilicata however has a wide gastronomic offer. La Vaccariccia menu is designed to offer guests the traditional dishes of the region, with a modern twist by the inspiration of their chef.

Because of the perfect location of Vaccariccia to population centers, it is possible to make small day trips around San Chirico. Not far from the agritourism location, about 45 minutes, it is in fact the charming Matera, town of the “Sassi”, the Archaeological Museum of Magna Grecia in Metaponto and the National Museum of Siris in Policoro.

Extreme sports enthusiasts will easily reach the towns of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, known by the angel’s flight: launch realized through a cable suspended between the peaks of two countries.

So if you are in search of innovation and tradition in a unique location to discover, where you will feel surrounded by a cloak of colors, smells, sounds and tastes, you are at the right place!

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