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triennale di milano

Triennale di Milano

What is about Italy and design? If you study the history of graphic or industrial…

Fables and legends

Historical reenactments

How to


How to make cheese

A description of how to make cheese should actually start with a small dissertation on  “dairy products”….

Italian icons

marcello mastroianni

Marcello Mastroianni

As Hollywood executives use to say, some actors just have it. “It” being an intangible…

Leonardo da Vinci

A hypothetical merit ranking of all the men (and women, of course) ever lived would…

Ape Piaggio

The Piaggio Ape, or Apecar, is the other great idea of Corradino D’Ascanio, the same…


Gomorra la serie

Gomorrah (TV series)

Who says Italians cannot do cinema or TV series (any longer)? Gomorra (Italian for Gomorrah)…


Typical food



Each Italian region has its typical Christmas treats. Napoli (Naples) has in fact several, some…

Cenone di Capodanno

‘Cenone di Capodanno’ is Italian for ‘big feast of new year’s eve’. The basics of…


The other traditional Italian Christmas cake beside panettone, the pandoro is often considered a cheaper…