Italian icons

Ape Piaggio

Ape Piaggio

The Piaggio Ape, or Apecar, is the other great idea of Corradino D’Ascanio, the same…

Giorgio Armani

The fourth richest Italian person, Giorgio Armani is the quintessential fashion designer: smart, visionary, understated…

Enzo Ferrari

Think of a race car. It is a safe bet to say that you probably…

National holidays

Pasquetta picnic


First things first, Pasquetta is not the same thing all over Italy. In Genova and…

Tongue twisters

But where are the bees?

This tongue twister isn’t especially difficult to pronounce (well, it is for the ‘ö’, which…

Typical food



Some History If Italian pasta (pastasciutta) needed a second name, it would certainly be “maccheroni“….

Italian Cheeses

The Families of Italian Cheeses Given the huge variety of the products, a unique, general…