‘E Stile’, the uniqueness of brands through the eyes of Pino Vastarella

Getting to know ‘E Style’ was like starting a journey, discovering sensations, cultures, places of the soul and the body, difficult to describe in words.

The ‘concept store’ comes from the constant search for the sense of beauty of an Italian artist, Pino Vastarella. Pino started out as an architect but then branched out, defining himself as an artist, a poet, a writer. The fact is that what he has created in his store is the synthesis, as he himself likes to say, of his thirty years of work.

Design, furnishing accessories, models, collector’s items, books on fashion, art, graphics, architecture, and much more.

“This space has changed many times, Pino explains, becoming as he sees it, a container of beauty. Behind his concept store there is an idea, that of telling through the many Italian brands that he hosts in his shops, as many Italian stories. “It is difficult to find your way about on entering, indeed the effect is the opposite. Perhaps the basic idea is to make the visitor feel pleasantly lost. Also because everyone with their own vision of things and their personal and unique filter rediscovers and relives what they want. Just as you do by observing a work of art, but in order to access this dimension of the soul, it is necessary to allow ourselves, at least at the beginning, the time to lose oneself. A luxury that is perhaps becoming increasingly rare.

In this environment that is both memory, rediscovery and openness to the most original ideas and combinations, Pino knows how to guide me with patience and respect, letting me touch the covers of the very elegant maquettes of fashion trends, smell the scent of the precious papers of books and art and fashion monographs, to be transported into the multiple worlds of graphics and design, reviewing the many brands and unique craft pieces in his shop. It is a maieutic journey at the end of which I feel emotionally richer, infected by the genius and eclecticism of its author. And, coincidentally, I realize that yes, in fact among all those objects, something that seems to be made especially for my house is there, and I go back.

But then, when you feel comfortable, when that space fits you just like in a custom-made suit, here Pino again provokes you and displaces you, inviting you to the lower floor, an open space with exposed beams that regularly hosts exhibitions, events, presentations and musical meetings.

If it is true that pleasure, beauty, intelligence demands mobility and elasticity of intellect, we must recognize that Pino is an expert but respectful guide on this journey.

Space for many souls where books are heart and sap in the best edited volumes for fashion, design, graphics, architecture, photography, arts, travel and Pantone technical color.
But beyond the library there is much more.
It’s like entering a theater of wonders where the sight finds thousands of stimuli and every sense is involved in this original mix of Parisian and New York culture, Anglo-Saxon taste and all-Italian sensitivity for fashion and design in a shop in Rome.
Touch the covers of the most elegant maquettes of fashion trends. Smell the unmistakable scent of the fine papers of books and art monographs of fashion and design.
Get carried away in the phantasmagorical worlds of graphics, Pantone color design of photography from all over the world.
But above all to get involved by the stimulating proposals selected with the maniacal care of those who, having a sea of ​​passions, try to transmit them to all those who want to share them. So of every price, and a great desire to amaze for lovers of beauty, taste, originality and the colorful world of Pantone Universe design.
Nothing is trivial and it is fascinating to get lost among the latest news from Alessi, Driade, Authentic Models, Visionnaire, Fabriano, Seletti, Playsam, Brionvega, Lemax, Mr Christmas, Bitossi, Hybrid, Saber, Mario Luca Giusti, Rosenthal, Fontana Arte, Lexon , and then all the Pantone products that from the “sacred texts” of the technical books are now ranging in a vast series of objects designed by the company of the “Color” The Pantone.
Downstairs there is E’stile gallery, a gallery space that regularly hosts exhibitions, events, presentations and meetings.

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