Windsurfing: here is where to practice it in Italy 

In recent years there has been a water sport that is spreading more and more in the Italian peninsula, the windsurf. Here is where to practice it in Italy where there are many places suitable for this sport. In fact from Lake Garda to Sardinia, Sicily there are many spots where to practice this sport.

Here you can find out what this sport specifically consists of and how it is practiced. You will also learn about the different types of windsurfing available. Finally you will know where to practice windsurfing in Italy both in the peninsula and in the islands.


What is windsurfing?

The windsurfing is a sport that is gaining more and more popularity in Italy where there are more and more dive locations you can practice it. You should know that this sport combines the thrill of going on the waves with the surfboard and sailing. In this way you can get in close contact with nature.In fact it is thanks to the power of the fan; that you can move in the water with the board.

Windsurfing is practiced both in lakes and at the sea. This sport was born in America in the 60s. In the 90s some young people began to practice it in Italy and Europe where in a few years it became the most popular sport on the beach. His invention is due to the intuition of Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer looking for a way to surf even in the absence of waves. This is the first sport with the board to have a great popularity worldwide.


How to practice windsurfing in Italy

This sport is not too complicated and can be done by anyone even without a specific physical preparation. However, like all water sports, it presents difficulties and dangers to which attention must be paid. Learning is perhaps the most complicated phase but once you manage to stay in balance standing on the board and you raise the sail the game is done. You also need to understand how to place the sail to go in a certain direction depending on where the wind blows.

Windsurfing: the different types that can be practiced in Italy

Windsurfing can be divided into three different types each of which has its own specific characteristics. These are:

  • wave
  • velocità
  • freestyle.

The first is the original one that consists precisely in going into the water pushed by the force of the wind. The second is competitive and consists in passing between a series of buoys and reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. The last one consists in doing jumps and stunts using windsurfing.

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Where to practice windsurfing in Italy?

Windsurfing is very popular and there are many places to practice it in Italy. Undoubtedly in northern Italy one of the most popular areas for lovers of the discipline is the Lake Garda. In particular, the area to the north is always particularly windy and therefore is suitable for this sport.

On the Adriatic Sea an area where windsurfing is very popular is that of Conero in the province of Ancona. But that’s not all, in fact also in Abruzzo and Molise there are places where sport is very practiced. Then Puglia is another of the regions where windsurfing is most practiced in Italy thanks to the presence of many places suitable for the discipline. Also on the other side of the peninsula is very popular as for example in Calabria.

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Finally, the two best places to practice it in Italy are the two major islands, Sardinia and Sicily. Here there are spots where you can windsurf even in the winter months. As for Sardinia, one of the areas with the most wind is that of Cagliari but there are still many places where it is very popular.

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