The Whisky Week in Como: an event for all the lovers of this distillate

Starting this year, the Italian summer lights up even further thanks to a bunch of Spirit Weeks organised by Whiskey Club Italia, which will take place in the peninsula’s main cities. The first one is set for the last week of August, from 25th to 29th, with the Whisky Week in Como

In Como, the Whiskey Week is an event structured in such a way to discover and taste this precious distillate, in the magic frame of the lake and in the elegant atmosphere of Villa Revel Parravicini. The best whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, United Stated, Japan and Italy will be available to the public, combined with a series of gatherings Whisky Fuori Villa that will involve Como’s most important spots for food, beverage and accommodation. 

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The 28 of August is when the Whisky in Aria event will be taking place: an exclusive flight, reserved to a maximum of 8 partakers, on Lake Como and on Bellagio and Cernobbio with a tasting of a collector’s dram. It starts at the heliport of Cassina Rizzardi for a flight tour about 20 minutes long. 

The grand finale is set to happen on the weekend, and it is scheduled to hold – on August 29 – an event at the prestigious villa Revel Parravicini which will open its indoor and outdoor areas to the public, including a trip to the lake as well as a catering service active from 12 to 21. At the same time and throughout the day, in the collector area there will be exhibitors from all around the world to present their products: a way to discover the brand, companies and excellences of the world of whiskey. There will also be a Book Shop dedicated to books translated or written by Whisky Club Italia.

The Italian participants to the Whisky Week in Como

Among the exhibitors at Villa Revel Parravicini stand out some Italian producers and exporters. Among these are Dream Whisky, with operative offices in Milan, led by Marco Maltagliati and Federico Mazzeri, who carry out a careful selection activity of the best Scottish whiskey to present to Italian amateurs; Ghilardi Selzione from Bergamo stands out for its vast offer of distillates: from liquors to Japanese sake without forgetting wines; Curziol is an important reality from Treviso specialised in the distribution of distillates, liquors and beverages; Puni, on the other hand, is the first Italian whisky distillery: managed by the Ebensperger family in Glorenza, Alto Adige; Bologna’s Rinaldi 1957 offers a selection of high-end whiskey from all over the world. 

The location of the Whisky Week in Como

villa revel-italiantraditions
Source: Ville Parravicini

The neoclassical Villa Revel Parravicini is an aristocratic vintage villa overlooking Lake Como, and which presents itself as a winning mix of timeless elegance and contemporary glam, open to the public starting with the private dock. The villa was built in 1770 upon request by Count Alessandro della Torre di Rezzonico, becoming property of many families, among which the Visconti’s, to then be acquired by General Thaon de Revel, while in 1910 it was passed on to his daughter Ottavia and following that to his granddaughter, Camilla Parravicini Sonnovsky, and finally to the current owners which are Camilla’s sons. 

Featured image: Whisky Week

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