A visit to the Saint Valentine Museum to discover the fossils and ambers

Have you ever heard of San Valentino, a place located in Abruzzo Citeriore and precisely in the area between Orta and the Lavinio?

I’m talking about a municipality in the province of Pescara very suggestive and with many attractions of historical and cultural value, but also the place of the Fossil and Amber Museum.

I have to tell you that among Italian museums, the one I have just mentioned is really very interesting because it keeps a large collection of fossils, testifying to the history of the last 500 million years of the Earth.

But it is not all, it is also possible to admire a precious collection of ambers, a must see.

As soon as you enter the museum, set up in 2004, you will find two halls:

  • The Palaeontological room, which includes the fossil section and the “Man” section
  • The Amber Room.

Very impressive is also the building that houses it, Villa Olivieri de Cambaceres dating back to 700 ‘, which will make the visit even more special.

The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. (in the winter) and from 5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. (in the summer period).

The cost of the whole ticket is 2.00 euros, reduced 1.00 euros.

Here you can find updated prices and times

How to reach San Valentino

By car you will take the A14 Adriatica motorway and you will reach Pescara, then take the A25 in the direction of Rome with the exit Alanno/Scafa. Continue along the highway E5 until you reach the junction of the 487 State Road towards San Valentino.

By train the nearest station is Scafa-San Valentino-Caramano Terme and from here the town is about 6 Km.

What to see in the San Valentino Museum

The Fossil and Amber Museum is one of the main attractions of the delightful village of San Valentino, located in the province of Pescara.

If you are a fan, you will surely have much to discover in this place! Just think that   inside there are many fossils which will guide you through the history of our planet, going back as far as 500 million of years.

And it does not end here, because during the visit you will also admire a precious collection of ambers, coming from the private collections of Santo-Tanfi and Coccato-Antonucci and donated free of charge to the municipality of San Valentino.

For the moment the museum occupies only the left wing of the eighteenth-century Villa Olivieri de Cambaceres, where two rooms dedicated respectively to fossils and Ambers have been set up.

Soon the renovation will begin on the other wing and will host other fossils of Abruzzo and the finds of dinosaur bones, educational workshops and a video room.

San Valentino, Сан Валентино

What to see in San Valentino

If you are wondering what to see in San Valentino, in addition to its important museum, I want to suggest some places that you shouldn’t miss.

Believe me, there are so many monuments and ancient buildings to admire, starting from the Duomo of St. Valentine with its double bell tower and the small church of Sant’Antonio with Baroque façade.

I could continue with Palazzo Farnese, consisting of a set of buildings built within the walls of the ancient castle, with the Fountains Giulia and Samson and the historical caves, where there are traces of prehistoric settlements.

You’ve probably never heard of this little town, one of the many pearls of our country worth knowing.

If you are wondering what to visit in Italy apart from San Valentino, since you are in Abruzzo do not miss the opportunity to make a stop also in neighboring towns such as Scafa, Roccamorice and Bolognano.

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