Thermal baths in Piedmont: the Vinadio spa complex

Spas in Piedmont? If you’re wondering where to find them, read on to learn more. I’ll tell all about a very interesting structure.

In the upper Stura valley, the Terme di Vinadio in Piedmont are inserted in a naturalistic environment of great importance, characterized by a special microclimate that make it to all intents and purposes a climatic oasis. Near the highest sanctuary in Europe, the spa complex stands at an altitude of 1305 meters above sea level, and refers to numerous mineral water springs, particularly suitable for the treatment of physical problems related to stress and pollution.

The modern pools of the Terme, in fact, take advantage of the particular geographical location and offer a 360° regenerating stay, which also includes excursions to the caves of the area, in an integrated context of hydrothermal and rehabilitative exploitation.

Oliva Thermal complex at the foot of Mount Oliva

The one that flows into Vinadio is a medium-mineral chlorinated, calcic and sulphurous type water which, taking advantage of the characteristics of the territory, constitutes an unique environment able to respond to the most different clinical and aesthetic needs. It comes from 8000 meters of depth, reaching the surface with a temperature of 75° C.

Its vapors heat the caves in which it flows, bringing them to a temperature of 60° C, and making them real natural saunas. While the muds, which reach a temperature of 41° C, offer healing properties already appreciated by the ancient Romans, who here in Vinadio built the tanks still used today for treatments. The hot springs, originating from Monte Oliva, are two: the ancient Stufa, also called Stufa del Vascone, and the Stufa Santelli.

The Vinadio Spa is particularly indicated for the treatment of otorhinolaryngology and vascular diseases, the digestive system, the liver and rheumatic diseases. Ideal for treating allergies, imbalances and muscular pathologies. And they offer a wide range of treatments, which include balneotherapy, mud therapy, inhalation treatments, massage therapy, foot reflexology and dermocosmetics. All within 11 thousand square meters and 30 thousand of park equipped with outdoor pools.


Curative treatments and more

In these spas in Piedmont the offer of treatments is an important mix of possibilities, with not only curative variations, but also to support the physical and aesthetic shape, without excluding holistic approaches, which include the use of essential oils, algae and aromatherapy.

The structure, which is going through a phase of renewal aimed at bringing the complex back to the splendor of the past, is aiming ever more decisively towards the rediscovery of the natural and uncontaminated places in which it is immersed. With an imprint that skillfully mixes luxury and well-being. And underlining its proximity to destinations of certain tourist interest such as the Forte Albertino and the Santuario di Sant’Anna.

All these elements together contribute to making the Terme di Vinadio not only an excellence among the spas in Italy, but also a significant destination for leisure activities in Italy.

How to reach it

To get to the Terme of Vinadio follow the Turin-Savona motorway to the Castle of Fossano, then exiting towards Cuneo and, subsequently, to Borgo San Dalmazzo and Valle Stura. Then following the branch to the Vallone dei Bagni Vinadio.

As already mentioned, at the moment these spas in Piedmont are closed due to renovations. For more information keep up to date on their Facebook page.

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