Castle of Gabiano: the most picturesque hotel in Piedmont

The Castle of Gabiano in Piedmont is among the most evocative hotels in the region, ideal for all those who are looking for not just for a stay, but a real experience, one of the places to stay in Italy without doubt to be taken into consideration.

The Piedmontese hotel structure, situated in a dominant position on the Po valley, is one of the oldest and the largest in the Monferrato area, so much so that it was also mentioned in historical sources as early as the 8th century

The most picturesque hotel in Piedmont

If you want to spend a holiday in an Italian hotel full of history, culture and tradition, the Castle of Gabiano in Piedmont is the right place for you.

The Castle of Gabiano and its historical importance

The importance of the Castle has always played an important role for the Piemonte region, both from a strategic and an economic point of view. In fact, this imposing manor was for a long time the scene of sieges and wars and it also passed through the dominions of the Montiglio, the Gonzagas up to the Duke Ferdinando of Mantua who, in 1622, ceded it to Agostino Durazzo Pallavicini granting him the title of Marquis of Gabiano.

In 1908, the Castle was restored by the Marquis Giacomo Durazzo Pallavicini, only to be completed in 1935 thanks to the Marquise Matilde Durazzo Pallavicini of the Principi Giustiniani.

Even today the Giustiniani family continues the renovation and enhancement of the castle, also through a remarkable wine production that combines respect for tradition with the current knowledge of oenology.

The garden and the labyrinth of the Castle of Gabiano

But the Castle of Gabiano, is not only one of the best hotels to stay in Piedmont, but it is also a real historical monument, also due to the presence of one of the rarest historical gardens in the region.

This was designed by architect Lamberto Cusani, right in the mid-thirties of the twentieth century, a period in which landscape taste and formal gardens were integrated perfectly.

The result of this union is the labyrinth of the Castle of Gabiano, which symbolically underlies numerous meanings, such as mythological, religious, philosophical and mathematical journeys. The medieval concept of forest is also recalled, which sees the contrast between the linear and rigid structure of the castle with the wild and swirling naturalness of the park.

Castello di Gabiano

Wines and tastings

Even for those who find themselves passing through Piedmont for a short period, an interesting way to appreciate the area and enjoy the beauty of the Castello di Gabbiano is by taking part in one of the many tastings that take place every year in this wonderful Piedmontese hotel.

For more than 4 centuries, the Marquises Cattaneo Adorno Giustiniani have been involved in wine production, with a company that extends over the territory of Gabiano for 260 hectares, of which 22 for vineyards.

Like every year, the Castle of Gabiano in Piedmont will take part in a cultural review and invites all lovers of good wine to take part.

Here are the appointments scheduled for 2018:

  • Saturday 7 April and Sunday 8 April (Golosaria in Monferrato)
  • Sunday 13th (Castles Open Day)
  • 27 May (Italian National Historic buildings Day)
  • Sunday 3 June
  • Sunday, September 23rd (Welcome Grape Harvest).
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