The Bernina Red Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Bernina Red Train is known worldwide and is undoubtedly one of the most evocative ways to discover this area of the Alps that divides Italy from Switzerland.

In fact you should know that this historic railway line connects Tirano in Valtellina with St Moritz one of the most famous alpine resorts.

Here you can find out what it is and get all the information you need to travel on board this historic train from Italy to Switzerland. Finally, you can also discover what you can see while on the Bernina red train.


Bernina red train: what is it?

The Bernina Red Train belongs to Rhaetian Railway and has been included in the list of World Heritage Heritage Sites Unesco. This is the highest railway route in Europe and without Crimagliera.

Its name comes from the characteristic color of its wagons and is one of the most scenic trains in the world. But that’s not all, in fact you have to know that you can choose between two different types of train. One is the regional one while the other is the Bernina Express with carriages with domed windows that allows you to admire the view during the trip.

In fact you can see lakes, forests, mountains and glaciers. The line on which the Bernina red train travels every day was built in 1910 and is the realization of the dream of a group of daring engineers. In fact, already in 1912 this railway line was known worldwide as one of the most amazing works.


Useful information for travelling with the Bernina red train

If you want to travel on the Bernina Red Train there is some information you must know. First of all, this is a very busy train route and it is therefore advisable to book your ticket before leaving.

This way you can be sure you have a place that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of this historic railway route. You should also know that there are several stops along the way. You can choose to stop or continue your journey to St Moritz. If you decide to stop, you can leave for the destination with one of the next trains. In fact, you need to know that there is a train about every hour.

Another important aspect to remember is the fact that you have to cross the border and it is therefore necessary to have a valid identity document for expatriation. Finally, the cost of the return trip is 105 euros.


Bernina red train: here’s what to see

You should know that during the trip aboard the Bernina red train there are so many things you can see. First you need to know that you can stop at one of the intermediate stations and then continue your journey in the direction of St Moritz.


In this way you will have the opportunity to explore various locations in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. The city of Tirano is not only the starting point but is also an important attraction to discover. The advice is to walk through the streets of the old town.

Tirano is also the city of wine. The highest point that is reached during the journey on the Bernina red train is the Bernina Hospice , which is located at a height of 2253 meters. Here you can also see on the train the White Lake at the foot of the Piz Cambrena glacier while not far away is the Black Lake.


Just before you reach your destination there is Pontresina which offers its visitors a charming old town to discover. It is also the ideal place for those who love mountaineering and climbing. Finally, here is the terminus of the Bernina red train, or the beautiful alpine resort of St Moritz. Here you can visit the old town and during the winter you can ski in one of the most famous ski resorts in the world.

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