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The Chianti area, although not very large, is a rich territory in many ways. That’s why, a itinerary through the hills of Chianti is a holiday to do at least once in your life. Do the thousands of tourists who visit the Chianti to spend their Italian holidays.

The best time, however, to organize your tour is definitely autumn, whose mild temperatures will allow you to spend a really pleasant stay to discover the Chianti and away from mass tourism, typical of the summer months.


Stay in Chianti: a holiday of taste, between wineries and taverns

The Chianti is an expression of Italian beauty, a territory rich in nature, history and culture that is also worth visiting for tastings in the cellar and for the traditional cuisine of which, the taverns and farmhouses in the area, have made their strength.

But how to organize an itinerary without missing the most beautiful things? Today we want to help you to facilitate the organization of your holiday in the heart of the Tuscany, with a list of towns and villages not to be missed in this magnificent area. Depending on the time you have, it will be up to you to select the stages for your personalized tour!


Tour in Chianti, everything there is to see

A tour in Chianti is a unique experience, which will give you the opportunity to visit historic villages and beautiful cities in a stay full of wine tasting and local food.

Greve in Chianti

There are those who call it “The gate of Chianti”: the city of Greve is a very characteristic town, which offers a lot to its tourists, especially from the point of view of food and wine. There are in fact farmhouses, wineries and taverns that offer delicious local cuisine.

Opposite the main square, Piazza Matteotti, characterized by its arcades, you can admire the Church of Santa Croce which, inside, houses works of art from other churches among which stands a fresco of the 14th century, The Virgin Mary with Child, and a triptych by Lorenzo di Bicci, dating back to the year 1420.

Greve boasts of historical commercial activities, loved by the inhabitants of the city but also attract the attention of all tourists who come to the area: one of these is definitely theAntica Macelleria Falorni, a typical Tuscan butcher, started in 1729.


Panzano in Chianti

Panzano has a troubled history: in the middle between the territories belonging to Florence or Siena, historical rivals, the city of Panzano has been destroyed over and over again, passing under the control of one or the other city. Today, what remains of the medieval old town is incorporated into the bell tower of the church of Panzano Alto.

Of impact and attention to every detail is the Piazza Gastone Bucciarelli, surrounded by many shops and restaurants. In this regard, eating in Panzano will be a real pleasure for the palate: if you are looking for a really satisfying lunch, your point of reference will be the Butcher Cecchini represents a certainty for all the inhabitants of Panzano.

And if you want a more traditional lunch, you will still be spoiled for choice browsing through the restaurants, all excellent, arranged around the walls: places where you can taste the local goodness and admire the green hills of Chianti and the vivid colors of the vineyards.


Radda in Chianti

Radda is a small town that will offer you the characteristic atmosphere of the medieval village and breathtaking views from which to admire the wonderful surrounding views.

Radda is ideal for those who want to breathe an air of tranquility and seek a place to stay as a base for their holiday in Chianti. In fact, the location of this town is perfect: located between Florence and Siena, from here it is easy to reach the best typical local restaurants and major tourist attractions. Also, for


Castellina in Chianti

A city of Etruscan times, was part of the “League of Chianti” (formed in 1200) along with Radda and Gaiole, for its strategic position between Florence and Siena. Castellina was destroyed many times, a destiny common to those ancient villages that were in the middle between the Florentine and Sienese territories. Each time, however, it was rebuilt and it is said that, once, it was asked to work on the reconstruction of Castellina to Brunelleschi.

Castellina in Chianti is a charming village. Its historic center has been completely renovated but there are two interesting archaeological sites: the Tumulus of Montecalvario and the Necropolis of Poggino.

In the main square of Castellina you can admire the Rocca, a tower dating back to the fourteenth century from which to admire the fascinating landscape of Chianti from above. Finally, in the historic center, you will find a wide choice of restaurants, craft shops, shops and historic buildings such as Palazzo Squarcialupi.

Organizing a tour in Chianti

Whether you have a day, a weekend or a week, savoring the soul of the Chianti will be an inimitable experience: the important thing is to organize your tour in advance. A stay in this thriving area of the Tuscan region is equivalent to an immersion in the scents and colors of the Chianti hills, between the foods of traditional taverns and the tastings of the suggestive cellars. In short, short or extended, your itinerary

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