The 5 natural spas to visit at least once in Italy

If you think at relax, the first thing that comes to you mind is thermal bath, those fantastic places where the water flows boiling hot from the ground and has healing proprieties able to improve your mental and physical health. Let’s discover together the best 5 spots in Italy. 

Boiling hot water, in contrast to the cold and harsh winter climate. The thermal baths have always been one of the favorite places for those who love relaxing. In the ancient Rome, they were considered a sign of conviviality and hobby for the members of the upper classes, that would meet there to discuss about philosophy and politics. 

Today the are, fortunately, much more affordable for everyone, especially if we are talking about natural thermal baths and spas. It this article we will discover together 5 natural pas to visit in Italy!

Terme di Bormio, Lombardia

In the town of Valdidentro, in the province of Sondrio, you can find these natural thermal baths called “Pozza di Leonardo da Vinci”. The name comes from the famous Codex Atlanticus, where it is mentioned Bormio, since the young Leonardo had been invited to Valtellina by Ludovico il Moro, to perform an inspection about the regulation of the waters there. 

The place is part of the Stelvio National Park, in a breath-taking alpine ssetting, perfect for a short winter getaway, and to relax body and mind. 

Bormio Terme, acqua termale per ogni età!

Terme di Fordongianus, Sardegna

Nowadays, obviously, the part inide the archaeological park is not used for bathing, but you can use the natural pools located just outside the area. The temperature of the water reaches 55°C and has all the characteristics of the sulphurous waters, recommended for the treatment of respiratory diseases, skin or bone conditions.

Vacanze Fordongianus (Sardegna): informazioni e terme - Sardinia Natour

Terme di Saturnia, Toscana

In the province of Grosseto you will find the most iconic natural spas of our country: Saturnia’s thermal baths, in the enchanting setting of the Cascate del Mulino. With overlapping limestone pools where the water falls from one pool to the other, Saturnia’s thermal baths have a number of proprieties recognized worldwide, thanks to the water, rich in mineral salts that flows at a temperature of 37°C.

The legend about the birth of this thermal baths tells us that the Roman god Saturn, in a gesture of wrath, threw a lighting bolt on the Earth, which opened letting the water flow. It is ideal for those who live in central Italy and want to relax a couple of days close to home. Just one note: the access to the spa is free, but additional services such as showers and restaurants are private and require payments to be used. 

Agriturismo Terme di Saturnia, Toscana: Il Cavallino

Bagni di San Filippo, Toscana

Let’s keep staying in Tuscany, but moving to the province of Siena, where we can find the thermal bath of San Filippo, also known as the White Wale because of the white limestone that covers this natural pools. The most particular part of this spa is the motionless waterfall, from which the water flows at 48°C. 

But it does not end here! On the bottom of the pools, in some places, there is thermal mud, which you can use on your skin and it is known for having invaluable benefits, such as making the skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

Terme in Toscana: le sorgenti di acqua calda all'aperto di Bagni San Filippo

Terme del Bagnaccio, Lazio

This list of the 5 natural baths to visit in Italy ends with the Bagnaccio’ss thermal baths, in the province of Viterbo. The setting is famous for its hot springs, the Bagnaccio spa is famous itself for having two different types of springs. There is a hyperthermal spring, with temperatures reaching 66°C, and a hypothermal spring, whose temperature may vary from 23°C to 29°C. 

The thermal baths in Bagnaccio are part of a thermal park where nature is at its peak, along the Francigena way. A few steps from the spa you can enjoy all the wonders of the Viterbo area, surrounded by greenery and breath-taking views. 

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