Stravedamento, the Dolomites and Venice in a single shot

The stravedamento, a kind of distortion, is a particular optical effect through which on some winter days, when the sky is particularly clear, from the Lido of Venice you seem to be able to touch with your hands the Dolomites that you can see on the horizon. It is so called by lagoon fishermen, accustomed to the charm that the beautiful mountains give to the view while completely surrounding the lagoon and is the way they usually define a clear and clearly visible horizon.

With adequate visibility, in fact, it represents a unique way and an unmissable opportunity to immortalize a show so unique and exciting and in fact there are many photographers who with their shots have given almost surreal images. With the right equipment and time, such photos are really possible to take and turn into real postcards to keep forever.

The phenomenon of stravedamento

This extraordinary phenomenon occurs when the wind of Bora Chiara blows from the north-east, which removes the haze bringing clear skies, low temperatures and clear and dry air.

The artists of photography are ready to immortal two great beauties and Unesco World Heritage in a single shot, able to tell at the same time the story of a secular city like Venice and of ancient mountains directly linked to the development of what was once called the Serenissima.

Davide Busetto Photography

And yet, if you are lucky enough to be here in the days of distortion, equipped with the right telephoto lens, in addition to adequate photographic capabilities, you will realize how those beautiful postcards become real.

Stravedamento, how to capture the Dolomites and Venice in a single shot

But how is it possible to enclose in a single shot the magic of the beautiful Venice, succeeding in capturing the very moment in which the phenomenon of stravedamento takes place?

To capture this breathtaking landscape, you require the right instrumentation: the most modern cameras can have high-performance instruments. In the case of long-distance photography, the key is high-quality lenses, which give a high level of sharpness over the entire frame and excellent contrast.

These lenses can have an extended focal length, which can even reach 300 mm in the case of a good telephoto lens, instrument with high magnification capabilities. You have to be good at framing certain subjects on the mainland or in the sea in the foreground, leaving the mountains in the background. Through this technique you can give majesty to the latter, capturing all their beauty. 

Davide Busetto Photography

In fact, from the Venetian coast and the lagoon you can see many peaks. Depending on whether the frame is facing north, north west or north east, you can see the most important mountains such as the Zoldo Dolomites, Carnia and Cadore.

Admire the beauty of the mountains and lagoon

You do not go to the ancient Serenissima just to catch the perfect moment when the extraordinary phenomenon of the distortion takes place, in fact, both Venice and the Dolomites have so much to show, through natural paths and monuments.


Starting from the Venetian capital, every street, bridge, church and palace that you visit tells a historical past full of importance and Italian pride. Who goes to this city surrounded by the sea, can only dream with his eyes open letting himself be lulled by the slight rocking of the gondolas that lead from one beauty to another. From St. Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal and the Doge’s Palace, every single corner tells its visitors a piece of history.


A few lines would certainly not be enough to describe the beauty of the famous Dolomites, a very popular destination for lovers of nature and winter sports.

Here there are many places to get lost in the most complete peace or try your hand at hiking or skiing. Madonna di Campiglio, called the Queen of the Dolomites, today is one of the favorite places of tourists from all over the world. Immortalizing places like these, as well as a pleasure is almost a must.

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Cover Image: Davide Busetto Photography

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