Skiing holidays, where to ski in Friuli

Friuli offers to lovers of winter sports and mountains many places such as Tarvisio, Forni; Piancavallo and Zoncolan that are suggestive for those who want to spend the Christmas holidays on the snow.

Opportunities are not lacking for those who want to immerse themselves in the evocative atmosphere of Christmas in the Italian Alps. Each of these areas has its own characteristics and peculiarities that make them suitable for different types of audience.

Friuli is a region also famous for the exceptional quality of its traditional cuisine full of interesting recipes to discover to spend a Merry Christmas.

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Tarvisio, Forni, Piancavallo and Zoncolan: where are they? 

Friuli is one of the smallest Italian regions and is located in the northeastern part. It borders with Austria, Slovenia and Veneto and because of its particular geographical position it has always been a meeting place for people of different cultures. The northern part of the region is mountainous and includes the Carnic Alps and Pre-Alps.

This is where the main ski areas of this region are located. Tarvisio is one of the most famous tourist resorts. It is located in the province of Udine in the Val Canale and is at an altitude of 754 meters from the libello of the sea. The borders with Austria and Slovenia are only a few kilometres away.

Thanks to this position it is a crossroads of cultures unique in Italy. These aspects also have an effect on the language and recipes of traditional cuisine. Piancavallo is another very interesting resort in the region for those who want to spend the holidays in the snow.

In the eastern part of the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is the village of Forni di Sopra located in a large and sunny basin. Instead, 70 kilometers from Udine there is the area among the most famous in the region. It is that of Monte Zoncolan.

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Skiing in Friuli Venezia Giulia: 

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia for those who love alpine skiing there are over 120 kilometers of slopes available 

One of the most important ski resorts in the region is Tarvisio, surrounded by woods and wide valleys. Its particular geographical position makes it easily accessible. Here there are slopes suitable for all levels of both beginners and experienced skiers. The area of Tarvisio is spread over Mount on Mount Lussari and Mount Florianca.

Here you can see the incredibly suggestive views between expanses of snow and steep rocks. Another interesting place for skiing in Friuli during the Christmas holidays is that of Piancavallo which is located in the area of the Carnic Pre-Alps near the Veneto at the foot of the Monte Cavallo massif. The slopes for alpine skiing develop between 1865 meters and 1245 meters above sea level.  

The total length of the slopes is 30 kilometers and there are 6 lifts. In the area closest to the town there are tracks suitable for beginners that allow you to become familiar with the snow. For those who are more experienced you can ski in the highest part where there are some technical and difficult slopes.

One of the main features of this area is that it is located near the sea and at a not very high altitude. For this reason the entire area is equipped with a snowmaking system programmed. There is also a snowpark of about 800 meters where you can practice snowboarding or freestyle and there is also a cross-country ski track of 26 kilometers that is illuminated even at night.

Forni di Sopra is one of the places where you can ski in Friuli during the Christmas period. This ski area includes 17 kilometers of slopes that start from 900 meters above sea level to reach over 2000 meters.

The station is divided into two areas which are Davost and Varmost. The first is more suitable for beginners while the other is suitable for more experienced skiers. Here is also the longest alpine ski slope in Friuli with a total length of 6 kilometers.  

Among the most important stations in Friuli there is the Ravascletto- Monte Zoncolan which is about 80 kilometers away from Tarvisio. Here you have the opportunity to ski admiring the wonderful panorama of the imposing mountains. The area is suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners.

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What to eat during Christmas in Friuli? 

Friuli is a region that has a great gastronomic tradition and offers typical dishes to be discovered during the Christmas holidays. One of the most appreciated traditional first courses is that of the cjarsons which are soft wheat ravioli typical of the Carnia area. Their peculiarity is that the filling is sweet.

Each family has its own recipe but in general for the preparation you use raisins, pine nuts, chocolate, wild herbs, cinnamon and spinach. Another similar traditional recipe is that of potato dumplings stuffed with plums. in the Friulian Christmas menu can not miss the pig that is the main protagonist of the recipes of the seconds. Among these, one of the most famous is the nose with turnips.

It is a kind of cotechino that is boiled, cut into slices and then served on a bed of turnips. Finally, the most famous sweets are Gubamna and Strucchi. These are typical sweets that consist of focaccia stuffed with dried fruit.


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