ShowCoaching: Paolo Abbozzi and his soap bubbles

Paolo Abozzi, magician, soap bubble performer and coach of the very young is the protagonist of a true revolution in the field of motivational training. I met him in a team-building experience about communication and he told me about the project that he cares about the most: the one involving young people. “I have two children who have recently passed adolescence and I know how important it is to give them the right input to allow them not to feel lost and spectators of their lives, but actors and protagonists of their time.” It all started about three years ago, although what I do today is the result of thirty years of experience, especially in the field of motivational training.

What I propose to middle and secondary school children is a path that exceeds rationality and descends into the unconscious. A motivational training course made of actions, not words”.

The path of motivational training you have conceived is called ShowCoaching™, what is it exactly?

The System of ShowCoaching™, that is the union between performance and coaching, is a motivational training program dedicated to children which was adopted about three years ago for a research project promoted by INAIL and aimed at schools to raise awareness against food waste. Once they have acquired the method, students can go to other schools to spread the information about it and to improve their ability of pushing their peers in the right direction, triggering a progressive change.

How does ShowCoaching™ work?

ShowCoaching™ is a show based on neurolinguistic communication and the use of metaphors which blend in with a part of the entertainment as a preparatory training tool, an “edutainment” that takes the name of Motivational training.

The soap bubbles, for example, are a metaphor of life and what our actions can do. In almost all of my works I adopt a metaphorical language that stimulates the deepest part of us, overcoming the barrier of rationality. I call them growth stimuli. Children, today more than ever, need to see and recognize the opportunities that are open to them, but to allow this to happen, they need to get in touch with their emotions. Modernity is proposed to young people as an infinite source of possibilities to which they can aspire. However, if it is true that we live in an era overloaded with stimuli, it is also increasingly difficult to come into contact or pursue them in a deep, effective and non-superficial way. Breaking down the barrier that separates us from our emotions has become, today, the anecdote against the annihilation of empathy and the inner devastation of young people who are often seduced by the ease of inertia at the expense of rewarding actions.

Tell us about one of your motivational training jobs that had the most success

“The soap bubbles for sure. I have taken part in many Talent shows, from Amici to Italy’s Got Talent, till reaching my greatest satisfaction: taking part, with my ‘ bubbles, ‘ in the latest Ettore Scola film about Fellini’s life. I must however confess that the most sincere and authentic gratification has come from ‘ my kids ‘. Many of them, met during the lectures I have held, have later contacted me, even after a long time, to give me their reflections on the work done together. This proves that the message of my motivational training method reaches them, and young people are able to rework it and make it their own”.

What about your background?

My path is first of all artistic; I’m a magician, musician and director. In 1992, I started another professional course, parallel to the artistic one which focused on communication, achieving a master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) communication. At the time I was one of the first in Italy to base myself on an American model and this allowed me to hold seminars all over Italy. Later on, I integrated my studies by deepening the techniques of hypnosis and non-verbal communication. I have written 23 books on communication, translated into three languages, edited by Airone Edizioni. ”

And your future projects? 

“I’m writing another book called “Permettiti di scegliere” (allow yourself to choose) and I’m working on a musical. And finally, I have another ambitious project concerning music, which I cannot reveal yet.”

That means that when the time is right, we will have a preview. We at Italian Traditions will not lose sight of it, for sure.

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